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News this hour brought to you by Still for legal where you can sign up for one of stuffer Legal's weekly online workshops at Towson workshop dot com or call for 10 to 91 plan. For 10 to 9175 to six. A recent spike in Corona virus cases cause several areas school district to change their reopening plans. Baltimore County schools were set to return to in person instruction later this month. But the uptick in cases have put those plans on hold and around the county school board members voted to continue virtual learning. Carroll County says it plans to move forward with a hybrid model starting November, 12th. Legalize sports betting in Maryland could start in the summer of next year since voters have approved it, but lawmakers still need to work out the details of how it will be implemented in the upcoming legislative session. A separate constitutional amendment passed by voters to give the Legislature more power in the state budget process won't take effect until after Governor Larry Hogan leaves office in 2023. Allen State Police arrested in Aberdeen Man for a road rage incident and investigation show The motorist swerved to avoid a pothole around three Tuesday afternoon there US 40 and Joppa Farm Road in Joppa and cut off 46 year old Robert Hey, Salisbury in the process, Salisbury drove next to the other motorists and pointed a handgun at her and her passenger before he sped away. 37 FT recreational vehicle owned by Baltimore City's Health department has been found It was taken from a city lot on Druid Park Drive. It turned up yesterday afternoon. Some 10 miles away in Lansdowne Officials have no suspect or motive. Wcbm news time 10 31. We'll have a brief look at Sports Center Weather Channel forecast is next. Do you have a loved one who was about to enter rehab or nursing home? Is the facility telling you to sell your loved one's home and.

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