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You know I have never been asked this question. So I'm glad we're talking about this when the pandemic hit I was confused like what is going on what is this and how serious do I need to take this and then quickly I realized wait a second my students, my audience they are nervous they are confused they are looking to me to figure out what do I do in the number one question that came up is am I allowed to. Sell during this time like what the heck do I do, and for some reason Mrs, probably the leadership in me I felt called to be a voice during this time and I wanted to show what I was teaching. So what it meant for me is I literally rose to the occasion and I said okay. Here's what I think. We all should do we should continue to sell. We should continue to look at our offers and see how we need to. Pivot it in order to show up for the people that were serving right now, and we should not be quiet. We should not back down. We should not ignore what's going on and so I had to be an example of that. So I literally launched a membership during that. Literally the week that everybody was sent home during the very beginning of the pandemic and so I- navigated my way through that it was awkward very scary but it was so. Important to show what I wanted my students to do, and then from there I started showing up in talking about how to pivot, how to show up for your audience and how to be a beacon during a time where people were very very scared and it literally made me a better leader because I was leading during uncertain times I had never done that before. So I'm really glad that I felt called to that because I think it's made me better. Yeah. Some things never change amy I was listening to your podcasts. been listening when you're talking about like guys like not selling is not an option not in. That you had a lot of foresight to understand like this isn't as temporary as were making it out to be, and this is something that we've got to adjust to in one of the most beautiful things in the ways that you showed up was like you're like, you can still launch. You just need to be very cognizant of the language and the way that you're showing up and the way that you're selling and I just thought it was beautiful because it's like you can keep on with your plan. Let's just pivoted slightly to make sure that it fits the climate that we're all in and I was like Amen A. Vaccari. So. What big pivots have you personally made in your career because your career is over a decade that have just felt like you were jumping into uncertainty I feel like we all have these hill moments were like, what am I doing? Is this the best thing or the worst thing I've ever done? Do you have anything that stands out for you? Yes. Okay. So I love the US the question like over the span of my career because one of the first big pivots I made was moving from one topic to another and I think this is important to talk about because a lot of people will start to get into their business growing in online business and they'll get to a point..

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