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Fort Meade thirty two will dig into that but now nothing reported on the parkway in that vicinity Dave told on WTOP trappings find out how our weather's shaping up Amelia draper storm team four we'll have a mix of clouds and sun during the early evening hours with clearing skies overnight and lows in the mid to upper sixties mostly sunny hot and humid tomorrow low to mid nineties with the humidity though feeling closer to one hundred what the chance for an isolated thunderstorm or two later in the day mainly up around the Mason Dixon line any storms that we do see materialize could be strong to severe tomorrow evening Thursday as well with a better chance for showers and thunderstorms later in the day on Thursday otherwise partly sunny and humid with highs near ninety and storm team four meteorologist Emily draper Silver Spring and seventy seven Fredericksburg at eighty four we've got seventy eight in the nation's capital at six thirty this is WTOP your source for today's top news traffic and weather the DMV always connected and constantly updated twenty four seven three sixty five in your car at home at work and on the go WTOP this a moment I'm shiny Anderson might you kite esses at the editor's desk and just ahead crowds protesting the death of George Floyd are filling in the streets near the White House this evening as DC faces another seven PM curfew will take you live to the scene and there's more information tonight on why protesters were clear from Lafayette square last night and who gave that order time protests continue nationwide George Floyd on Wall Street this afternoon the Dow closes the day up two hundred sixty eight points and basketball legend Wes Unseld Stein the age of seventy four WTOP news time six thirty one we continue to cover breaking news here on W. T. O. P. the protests in DC over the death of George Floyd and we're less than thirty minutes away now from another seven PM curfew in the district but protesters are on the March around DC and a sizeable crowd is turned out again near the White House could be bigger than what we've seen the last few nights of course all this follows last night's chaotic.

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