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And we know you will to a child e opportunity ABI just wanna start talking talk about nother. Anyway, long story long. Michelle headed nerve the odyssey did show me the insights of my Instagram. They let oh my God. They're they're fascinating. Actually, I listen. I haven't fiddle around in my insights for year. Really? That's not what I know. It's true. I read the bathroom stall. You showed me guys. How to see who my audience is? Yes. And what did you say my audience? Most is sixty eight percent women on Instagram. Yes. So listen, I electoral women. Well, I didn't say that. I just say women is that not PC to say biological anymore. Well. Probably not you could still say biological. Yeah. But we're not gonna get into. Yeah. So my sixty one percent women. Oh, because women hate you, obviously for obvious reasons. A bit thirty nine percent men. My cop location for audience is London Moncton England. Yes. In New York is my second where what percentage is in London. What percentage is in in in New York? Let me say, I don't know. What percentage is in London? What's percent is in England. The same country big. Well, United States is thirty five percent. So that's the top thirty five. So you can break down by country, and you can break it down by city producer which opened that door. Right. There is getting hot up in here. What nellie? Yeah. Over the door open it up. Yeah. I wanna take my okay. So Ellie Noli is still around. I saw that. He was performing at some sort of mash up billboard. I see a billboard somewhere. Where were we drive in sawmill word? Oh, it maybe it was in in Vegas where he was at some mash up where there was country artists and Rb artist together. I love you. Listen, I have an issue with Nelly because not for Tato. No, nothing. I have an issue because on one song. He did what song that I love by Keri hilson? I looked first of all your love. Carey high live carry you know, what you know, what not only that Michelle. Yeah. Not only that Michelle Kelly Keri hilson came out in oh eight and then she another. Oh, ten or twenty ten or something like that? Yeah. And I listen to those two albums. Yeah. Over and shave one saying and over. No, no, she pretty grow pretty go rock and Hussein's love. That's my favorite song as she says. No. That's that's in that dumb. Kisha key case call who's my favorite song that song gets me every likely sufficient. How can I yes, ma'am exchange me Macarena? We're not talking about Chicago right now, we're talking mama's Keri hilson. She is a song with Nelly. And now he doesn't rap on there. So I love the song so much but Nelly rhymes the word season about if down to a rhyme. He doesn't go he arrived. He says girl sump about. What it I'm not going to be paying attention to Titian to you unless you shaking your anus. And I just don't like the fact that he refers to carry Hilton's anus of anus has let me just say this, right? Okay. Get it on behalf of the entire population. No, gender everybody. Yeah. Anus has no place. In a song. Or otherwise? Well, listen Alaska has an album called Amos, and brilliant. She doesn't sing about anything about. It's really it's just call that it's brilliant, but rhyming and don't Woody rhyme with it though. Let me like your brain is. And you. No need. Let me find the songs if he's talking about Keri hilson who is beautiful. Anus? Still have an issue with several days, I've several issues with our Kelly. But one of the issues are karaoke. Don't get me stores that he has no he has Whitney Houston singing a song about what does he whisper famous? He rhymed famous with anus, really. Then he make cookies famous Amos. Yeah. Wait a minute. Hold on. I'm looking for the song right now ever. Eat those cook loose control. Let me see. It's loose control by Keri hilson. What third verse let me see if I can find it on this iphone, which is weird. How do you wait a minute? I'm trying to figure out. Oh here. It is. Okay. I'm okay here. I'm gonna find that. Why? I love Keri hilson. Put it up to the Mike..

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