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My knees with has lift up and cries played to him. That had said he would help. So just as you came up the gentlewoman went away. Then i continue to give thanks for. This migrate deliberates for i believe. She intended no good but rather sought to make stop me in my journey without doubt. Her designs were bad but stay. Now you talk of her me thinks either have seen her or have read. Some story of her Shugden booze madam bubble. Is she not tall calmly dame somewhat of a swarthy complexion right you hit. Did she used just such one. Does she not speak very smoothly and give you a smile at the end of a sentence. Beautiful right opponent again for these outta vide- actions that she not wear a great purse by her side and is not her hand often in it fingering her money as if that was her heart's delight to is just sou- she stood by. Oh this was you could not have shut up false before me. No have bitter described her features then he drew. Her picture was a good artist and he that road hers said through. The woman is a witch and did this by virtue of her witchcraft. That this ground is enchanted. Whoever deathly lay his head down in her lap had as good lay down upon that block over which the act stuff hang and whoever lay there is upon. Her beauty are accounted the enemies of god. This is she that maintain it in the splendor. All those that's all the enemies of pilgrims. Yeah this is she. The bought off many a man from a pilgrims life. She is a great gossiper. She is always both she and her daughters at one pilgrims heels or other now commanding and then preparing the excellences of this life. She is a bold and impudent creature. She will talk with any man she always laugh. Poor pilgrims to scone but highly commends. The rich if there'd be one coming to get money in a place she will speak well of him from house to house. She loves banqueting and feasting mainly well. She is always at one full table or another. She has given it out in some places that she is a goddess and therefore some do worshiper times and open places of cheating and she will say and vallet that none can show a good compatible to hers. She promises to dwell with children's children and if they will but love her and make much of her she will cast out of her purse. Gold like dust in some places and to some persons. She loves to be sought after spoken. Well off and to lie in the bosoms of men she is never wary of praising her gifts and she loves the most that think best of her she will promised to some crowns and kingdoms if they will take our advice yet. Many hats she brought to the holter and ten thousand times more to hell. Oh what a mercy it is. I did resist Her with a match you have drawn me.

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