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I mean like I write no I you know it's an important job despite the issues at stake many tell me that their top priority is selecting a candidate who can drum that's a L. K. B. trump that said I was just weird how how the whole caucus works it is it is something that I think most people don't understand I don't really I don't know if I fully understand that I don't think it's even relevant to go through the details of how a caucus works but can we also just big dollars something that regardless of your political party why is Iowa somehow this bellwether of America I've been to Iowa a lot I spent a lot of time and I will I like Iowa by the way I like I'll wins I'll wins are not some cross section of America do not I'm saying it's not like well if you wanted to get a little bit of what is the United States really like you go to Iowa I don't what is lily white okay let's be honest with one another here and the idea that it somehow represents all of America it's kind of weird and I've never quite understood the ideal like we've got to do well in Iowa or else what well I think the reason why you have to do well and I was because you're it's the first and I always kept moving it to become the first they like being the first why because that means all the candidates goal there all of the K. they get so much attention and they have to vie for those votes and they have to pay all file absolutely and that's what what if you're going to be the for if you're unclear about how politicians by the way ours Ortiz under to Iowa Google ethanol sometime the idea that we're going to we're gonna take Corning make gasoline out of it makes you a lot of it was nothing but to pander to I wins in primary right so that that's why I don't think Iowa it is the end all be all of the political you know election season but but it is the beginning yeah it is a start and in the these last seven contested race for the democratic nomination and lost seven five candidates who won in Iowa went on to become the democratic nominee I now know what I'm on these are some of the staff I find this interesting because it helps to give perspective sure as to how important I away as so out of the last seven you know again contested races got it for the democratic nomination alas seven five who won in Iowa went on to win the democratic nomination out of those five only one has gone on to win the presidency Barack Obama okay interesting but I will admit that I'm looking at it but not closely I also think the game is changing okay and I think that that every election cycle these caucuses and primaries become a little less important well okay let's explain to me what I mean by that that there are candidates right now who are skipping Iowa for example Michael Bloomberg as an example who somebody who is not participating in there but still thinks he can win and it's just has a different strategy that doesn't involve pandering dial so we'll if there is any success in that whatsoever will you start seeing other people maybe not put all their eggs in the Iowa basket by the way there a lot of back the basket of eggs and I thought of it but I mean I get the point you're making with Michael Bloomberg but but he's also kind of you know running as an independent so you don't necessarily have him kind of following the rules now I know it's Democrat but he also got in the race late today and I'm not making excuses for I'm I'm just thinking that he's a bit of an anomaly now you have to have somebody who plays the trail is that him and does that change things and you know another four eight twelve years potentially they could look back historically and say well what started this year right now we don't know and and and we were already ready and I'm ready for V. came to our sin tax stretching press releases that are going to come out tonight tomorrow from the losers which were you know what we tied for fifth place and we are a victory as were on to get all of the these horrific things were they basically got their **** handed to all but they're going to claim victory in some ways you're poor that's actually my favorite thing that comes out of it but I think this is gonna be a little bit different because I I believe for the first time they're going to be releasing like the popular vote so to speak and not just how the delegates are being allocated so you could you could potentially when you get to in the weeds with S. but you can potentially tomorrow morning or Wednesday if it takes a little bit more time have dueling headlines yeah after the the twenty sixteen election who won the electoral college who won the popular vote very different than you know just winning it all handedly you can have that in an Iowa.

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