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The death of carol daniel in a hitandrun accident last april prior to receiving a nine and a half year prison sentence davis apologized for her actions from sorry for them the spokeswoman what i caused that someone does something that i have for the rest by actions what does not call four and family members also spoke sharing their grief for their loss of a loved one learning to work with your hands is always better when you're working with your hands students from across the state interested in learning a trader getting a chance to show off their skills and learn some new ones at the skills you essay competition the deployment to the the in a thing for like to see things over my hands from the nepa drop is one of more than forty high school students building a small home state fair park skills usa director brent kindred the idea behind this competition is is at it closely mimmicks what is happening in the industry right now on the jobsite it's pretty indelible threatens teams of students have to do teams have until sunday afternoon to finish their building mike spaulding wtmj news students at grace lutheran school in the nominee falls get into the olympic spirit friday with their own games students to pardon events like bobsledding in curling principle deb erdmann said students also had to pick a country and research them colonel understanding of how the olympics were to have some respect for the other countries the best competitors did win their own medals skills taking advantage of the winter olympics there's some kids test their own skills on the slopes jen gilmore of little switzerland in slinger says they have seen plenty of people this past week our lesson inquiries had definitely gone up our snowboarding has really skyrocketed within the last week here threesome warm weather isn't dampening spirits at the ski hill thanks to a.

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