Shah, Commissioner Roger Goodell, Mccollum Field discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Customs and border protection agent. Dave Graham, says it's a special mission of the challenge we get into doing. Very rewarding channel two action. News reports Clayton county swat even practice. Rope. Rappelling from the choppers this week Briscoe field will be among the regional airports preparing for a hectic weekend director, Matthew Smith tells WSB it'll be especially busy once the Super Bowl is over normally the tower closer to nine o'clock at night. They'll be open twenty four hours that's Sunday through Monday morning. Planes flying in need a reservation a park. Cobb county's McCollum field predicts a tenfold increase in activity through the weekend. Federal investigators are on the hunt for counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise this weekend. Prosecutor Bill mix Wayne points to an arrest in Duluth this week of alleged counterfeiter Damon Daniel arresting officer report, Mr. Daniels car was filled with printing equipment and card stock presumably to resume counterfeit ticket sales at this year Super Bowl. Investigators tells channel two action news Daniels as part of a larger ring that hits all the big events. A local prominent businessman is charged with ripping off friends and family as part of a Super Bowl tickets scam Gwinnett. Police corporal Wilbert Rundle's tells channel two action news Catan Shaw, even took more than thirty grand from his own mother. It's not that he posted some ad in random people or contacting this guy for for tickets and being scam. Shah's wife claims he's been missing for almost a month. About a dozen people say he's ripped them off the front man for maroon five says his group had nothing to do with canceling the traditional press conference before. Or they're Super Bowl. Halftime performance. Levin tells entertainment tonight, it wasn't maroon five's idea to cancel the news conference. The NFL cancelled a press conference, you'll have to speak with that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said just a day earlier the halftime acts wanted to be able to reach their fans directly Georgia NWC vice-president. Gerald Griggs tells me both Goodell and maroon five are cowards. They don't wanna talk about police, brutality and racial intolerance. That's happening in this country to that Levin says dislike insatiable urge to hey a little bit covering the Super Bowl. Pete combs, WSB WSB news time, six thirty five..

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