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I'm not being like Oh my God like I want a day you Timothy I don't I I mean we don't but what I'm saying is like. I'm just saying that like I just like I weirdly drawn you as a human being. I feel like we're very similar. Actually we get along really well. Whatever I just I'm holding for a long time? Listen listen. I was actually like this. Let me give you another example of this is to be like this in highschool whether it'd be like people that I had no idea who they were. I knew nothing about them. I didn't want to date them like let's say if it was a guy like I didn't want to date them. It wasn't like I had a crush on them or or anything like that or there's just something about their energy that I was obsessed with like I've always been like that. Where like it's rare but like very rare like this may be having SMI once every five years where I'll find somebody that I don't even really know that well and I just am so drawn to them for no reason and there's been a lot of people in my life like friends that I have currently where like I wasn't like that with them? I didn't like I wasn't like weirdly infatuated by their energy like I didn't really care or like or like you know really thought that they were cool but it wasn't like I was obsessing over the fact that like they had an energy that like I was really obsessed with like or you know sometimes people that are now become friends with like I found out that I'm obsessed with their energy after becoming friends with them you know what I mean and vice versa whatever whatever but there's certain people Timothy Timothy Shallow may being one of them. I have no idea who he is. I know nothing about him but for some reason like from seeing like him in a few movies and then watching an interview because it showed up my explore page now obsessed with him because I feel like we would be best friends and there's actually a random guy. Oh my God I hope he's not. You're listening to this in like Sophomore Year of high school. He didn't even go to my school but I literally didn't know him and I didn't want to date him or anything. I didn't even care but I thought he was so fucking cool. I wanted to be friends with him so bad and they never became friends with him but but like I don't know like this is like a reoccurring theme for me so I'm just trying to say that it's like this. Is something that I like it. It's like a disease it comes over me and I just like get obsessed with people for no reason it when which is weird to carry it for me because most of the time I like don't I just like to be by myself so like when I'm really like whatever but I'm anyway so like how does that. Make me look like now that I just said all that like how how is that. How did that land for you? I'm wondering like did that. Just make me sound like a sociopath. Actually I think it'd be the opposite of sociopathic because it would make I like like I actually like you. Enjoy people enjoy certain energies that can feel that which would make me not a sociopath but yeah like. I don't know if that made me sound creepy. Okay Kevin is right. Kevin cut out a little bit of Timmy Shit all right like because it makes me sound creepy because I've been obsessing about this whole episode and I and I don't want it to come off wrong..

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