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Hey was shaken baby it's ben greenfield and this show is a unique one because it was recorded from the jungles of panama uh i was at a fabulous digital detox retreat cold room ga or u n g a in panama and we all gather around one evening and recorded live qna with all of the participants attending a particular event and we delve and everything from near and far infrared therapy to exogenous key tones to the unfortunate scorpion stings that i sustained and much much more recorded this one with my sidekick at that event erin alexander of the aligned podcast day a role for and body worker and therapist who is a wealth of knowledge in his own right and i think you'll enjoy this one it's a special son under episode so sit back and get ready for some action from room god in this episode of the ben refinish show so a lot of the stuff that we going to do these natural things don't necessarily need to go out and get into supplemented by a lot of this stuff is in most of this stuff maybe all this stuff i'm not sure we can get just been going simple things like digging shoes offering waking up early hmd son alex again in the ocean sometimes we think the only type of body worker manual therapy has rarely de britain really painful inside excited about the weight of nickel answers were working through there to work with will not advance you blast rates through those guys of the duty elbow in mccoy.

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