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One Jackson ACA track. There's a lot of these around where I live and Rural Ohio. And they're on the roads and parking working lot. They're just so big intimidating the frightening and irritating. There was one part talk recently by my house when I walked around it with my dog. Diesel engine was running and I just felt like I was Kinda run Albany to something bad happening to kiss three running out of money and old age for ticks. There's a lot of these around where I live to. Whenever I take my dog out in the spring on earn fall we come covered in dementia fifty one and anytime? I can't remember something. I'm worried too early onset. Alzheimer's or Dementia Souks Florida keys. Going underwater seven fee sickness eight scuba diving actually a certified scuba diver. But I don't go out very much because it scares me beautiful being a no water. But I'm always worried I'm going to get feedback on the way out on a boat and there's something the thing about being under the water that's beautiful and terrifying nine being earned alive alive ten my cat getting out and getting lost. My cat. Red adopted me last year came in my house and I keep him as a house pat now he was a stray but now the happy inside cat. But I'm shared always said he's going to run out and get lost. You move me Dan Testing Vivian Wagner is a listener just like you who decided to share her fierce with us. She lives in Ohio and is an associate professor concuss. She's getting ready to marry in her words. A handsome commercial pilot. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl. Daniel Matt Odell Reuben. Sarah Sampack Emily Boutin and Polish human music and sound designed signed by Isaac Jones. You know what scares me that we're never going to stop with the BRAS. What is with the BRAS? What are you scared off? Tell us at ten things. PODCASTS DOT Org..

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