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So rock the last couple of days from what I gather the MLS combine was going on right now tomorrow is the draft draft. And apparently we've traded some team we we got all five of their picks. But but the calmer I wonder is it the meat market that the NFL combine is well tests and views and drills and all that stuff. That's why we want to talk to our friend. Pat Brennan about it from the acquire. He's the beat guy for FC Cincinnati. And and that we were just saying a little while ago rocket I understand I mean, obviously, he more so than me, but I understand the draft process. I understand the combine like he would just say in it stuff. While exactly is this the same like rock was saying is the combine the same as the NFL one out of the draft, work, etc. Yeah. So. You know, starting off with the combine I would say it is definitely not the meat market that the NFL combine is. Most of it isn't even you know. I mean, the NFL combine, for instance, almost every minute of it every second of it is televised somewhere combine is pretty much localized and viewed by the the teams the head coaches coaches, the executives that actually show up the thing. You don't get guys. Doing physical fitness testing. You know, when they're on TV and stuff like that. There's only three tests that they put them through and and the rest of it is just playing and and kinda closed door meetings. Interviews. And I think it's. The combine is offers a snapshot of each player. It's it's not somewhere where they're going to go and drastically improved their their draft stock like the NFL combine is where you can make real headway. Right. You know, you have a good Combi performance. You can make millions of dollars for yourself. Case with soccer players. I think who you are coming out of school is kind of who you are. And it's it's more of an opportunity for coaches and scouts and GM to match names with faces. I would say. And then that happened in Orlando from the third through the night. And now everyone's up here in Chicago. And they'll be to rob the drafting tomorrow. And then a couple more happening via conference, call a little less sexy. So how does draft day goes? Is it similar de NFL certain teams round the clock for ten minutes or whatever? And then they they picked their guy. How's that work? Yeah. Yeah. The draft is the draft concepts. Anyone that? Tomorrow will be very familiar. It's I would say a very much scaled down version of what the NFL does certainly now the NFL picks there. Takes their production outdoors and to the huge venues, but they'll be in a convention space in downtown Chicago. And you know, each team there's a there's a running clock pick within certain amount of time. The draft picks are tradable asset. They are. And every other sport and has heard of them. Pat, Brennan from the acquires our guest, and that's what I want to talk to you about that. What does this mean? I mean, this it sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me. Yeah. Pull that off in other words. Right, right. Well, I think what it says is that they made this trade with Philadelphia for a hundred fifty thousand dollars essentially for all five of their picks. And you know, I think that was equal parts FC Cincinnati want to corner the market on talent in the first round. Because the the MLS strap is really kind of hit or miss, you know, for instance, there's you know, there are a couple of guys who are like consensus or near consensus top five picks. But outside of that, it's really a crap shoot. You. Don't get a good idea of whether or not a kid is going to translate his game will translate while the MLS and on average you get about one real significant player per first round year to year. So FC Cincinnati is basically ordering picks. I think in an attempt to improve their odds. They did that shooting fish more chances you got. So that that's interesting. I mean, maybe one word of the or good player per round, you're saying, wow. That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah. It's something. And you know, just going just to add onto the thought that I introduced there that the draft is kind of hit or miss. Not every team is sold on it. As the best way to build a team. In fact, many teams totally a shoe that and I think that's the other half of the deal last night. That's important to look at it. If you look at it from the Philadelphia standpoint, they're basically saying, okay, we came to the combine. And they were there. Didn't like what we saw. You can have our pick. Cincinnati you'll have to pay for them. But take him because they think one hundred fifty thousand dollars can be put to better use than that those five picks will. But also remind us where are these players are coming from is it college is rec leagues is that Europe is what what were these guys coming from a really good question. So the vast vast majority are coming from the NC double A division. One rank you'll get a few every now and then from division two and three, you know, kind of like kind of like the NFL in that respect few stragglers from the lower divisions. But outside of that, you'll occasionally have an interesting international player who maybe didn't come to the US college system. But the thing the thing that makes the draft so hard is there are so many ways to get into soccer all over the world that MLS has no control over, you know, in the NFL the primary form eventually right is the draft or, you know, undrafted free agency in the NFL and the MLS rather you can come through a teams academy. Start playing as a youth getting paid nothing. And then they can assign you to approach contract later. That's the main way teams are looking to build right now kind of investing in young players at an early age and bringing them along in their system and with their design in mind. Pat Brennan, our guests from the Cincinnati inquirer. And Pat from what you're seeing so far as far as this initial lineup ghosts this roster. What do you think? Yeah. How is shaven? I how you feel about it. It's interesting. I think they've made some pretty savvy moves. You know, you talk to experts from around the league people that cover other teams on thing that six out of media. They have built a very formidable defense. They will be a very good defensive team. Now that doesn't necessarily translate into the kind of soccer. You would wanna watch. It's got to be they're going to be a hard team to break down at school on on paper. I think they have a good goalkeeping situation. They brought over. Fine player in that position. He'll be new to the team this year. And then I think you've got a really nice contingent of eleven guys that were part of the team last year a feel-good factor there. There's up. Fans fans will still recognize the team from. The one that they rooted for the last three years. I don't I mean look right now seventeen make the playoffs from each conference. So odds are they're going to be in the mix. Just by virtue of the the sheer number of teams that get in. Because there are so many. Whether or not their playoff team today. I I don't know. I think they by their own admission, I think they still need a few more pieces, but they're getting close, and we'll see we'll all see with their own is pretty soon because. Fires up at about two weeks here not gonna expect like you do and either because we're used to of course, football and baseball. When a new team comes up when you put together, blah, blah, blah, you know, the market they are they going to get Jack booted like these normally do or do they stand a fighting chance. Look, I think they do stand a fighting chance. Like, I said, I think they should be competitive. They should be in the playoff picture. There's no question. It's going to be more difficult for them coming in as a new team that doesn't have all the resources and the infrastructure that the existing clubs have so. And you know, it's harder to sign. Big name players has an expansion team. Because people don't know much about the market they kind of wanted to wait and see what it's like on TV. A fan support. Although the Francis Ford Cincinnati, obviously legendary. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, it'll be I mean, you you look at the schedule they got another reminder this weekend of how tough it's going to be and it will be tough question. None of the first ten teams. They play made the playoffs last year. Right. So. Welcome to the. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they go on the road for the first two games. One at Seattle. Whether it be seventy thousand people play NFL stadium. We'll go to another NFL next week and play the defending champion. So. Yeah. It's going to be. I think there's a the the organization is quietly bracing for probably a rough start. But teamwork shell over the course of the summer. They will improve you know. And like I said, I think they'll be in the playoff picture. Not sure there are a playoff team yet. Now power one question real quick in terms of you're watching this or they're going to be more as been a media deal a TV deal folks in Cincinnati, a certain station are going to carry games. I know some of the games were on, you know, something like that. Is it can be similar or what's the deal with that? You know? Yeah. So there will be more nationally televised games. The members escaping me. Right now. I apologize for that. But I think they have about ten nationally televised games. Most of those will go to box sports. I think a few on ESPN. And then they'll have a local TV, well, which I think the club is getting ready to talk about publicly for the first time, obviously Claire. The last three year local twelve you know, for the last three years, I believe. I'm not exactly sure where they are with that. But there will be a local. TV deal put in place and. One of the cool things about making the jumped MLS is a little more national exposure for the city via these nationally televised games. There you go. All right with that, Pat. We'll let you go. Enjoy chicago. Okay. Thanks a lot guys. Thanks, pat. Pat Brennan, he covers FC Cincinnati four the inquire. We gotta go to game this year. I'm going. I went to one last year. That's right. That's right. You have been a few times to watch a lot of defense. Yes. That is exactly what's going to sell that game to the public at large. We should all climb in the family trucker and head on over. Yeah. Man. I'll be there. I stood that the like a one nothing win after a shootout. Absolutely. I like it shootout thought it'd be on. I I've said for I feel like they should end every half with a shootout that would be during regulation a goal should be worth like two or three points. And that every at the end of each half. The you have a penalty kick situation where it goes worth one. There you go that'd be lamb. I went to a Blackhawks game when McConnell was living in Chicago. And he took me and my son to a Blackhawks game. So we're sitting there and the guys were really into it for a while on a by halfway through the second period. Say they're kind of like Lamm, blah, blah. And I liked him. Aquinas? Do you want to just go because I don't like carries? So it would be it was like three to one or some. And so we leave and we go home and watching the news later on that night. The black hog has come back and tied at three three. And they go into this epic shootout back in. In like the fourth row, and I'm only gonna have gone, wow. Thanks, mike. I was I was more on me Briley. But we still look to these idiots. That's funny already got from the UCLA traffic.

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