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That's going to be turned green. We'll get off of fossil fuel which is gasoline for you L A USD studs out there. And they're going to rebuild every single building in the United States upgrade or replace every building. In the United States with state of the art energy efficiency. They'll also end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years. The ten year plan will mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War Two zero greenhouse gas emissions. The plan to ban nuclear nuclear energy within ten years. They're also going to build trains across oceans and end about this all air travel. Bellio. Wow. You're not going to Denver anymore unless you're walking. Because you can't drive a car because it runs on Gaz or the electric car. It will take you five days to get there. That's not good. We're going to see your mom again. With the pressing. Yes. Yeah. So depressing. Leave now and not come back. Well, they're going to build trains across oceans and end air travel that seems simple. Yeah. I mean, just you know by a couple of years, and I don't know how they're gonna do. But they're going to they're going to build out high speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary. Well, maybe you can still get around. But you're not gonna fly. And I don't know how much it's going to cost. But it might be expensive. Well, we'll see if they can do it. If they could do a great if not then you can still fly those are the two options either they'll have it successful where you can take the high-speed train everywhere or just get an a plane again and buzzer up. It's up to you. All right. Very good. There's a big story coming out of I think Montana where a. A guy was buzzing around in the woods, and he got a little too high on methamphetamines, and he was eaten by a bear. Oh boy. Let's find out what happened to this chap here. He took a little too much meth. So so the great smoky mountains now releasing the autopsy report of a man found dead of the park this past September. Yeah. The report shows Williams Lea hill junior died of accidental meth intoxication accidental meth intoxication he dies, and then a bear each his s Neff intoxication is body was found September ninth off trail close to rich mountain road. That's about two miles north of cades cove now evidence of wife, you know, where cakes cove is an this is really really local, hyper local story close to rich mountain rose to rich mountain road. That's about two miles north of cades cove about two miles north of cage cove, everybody's. Familiar with that now evidence of wildlife scavenging. Uh-huh. What does that mean? That means after this dude died us eaten by a bear. Now evidence of wildlife scavenging of the remains was visible to the searchers an adult male bear remained in the area at bear. By the way, demonstrated aggressive behavior. Several hours is Rangers work to recover hills body, a biologist trap the bear recovered human DNA from it. And then eventually euthanize the animal that sucks, right? The bear was just doing what bears. Do you know if there's somebody dead there? The does. No, it's a human or or, you know, an antelope or whatever a goat, and that's not fair. The bare just ate the dude. Yeah. You know, what I'm thinking did the bear give buzzed. I was gonna ask. How is the bear? When he the guy all the mess because this is like a human, you know, pot, brownie. He's he's all hopped up on math. And I wonder if the bear them was on meth bear is loving it. That's. Is he getting meat, but he's also getting methamphetamines and bears methamphetamine there bears biologist trapped the bear recovered human DNA from it. And then eventually euthanize the animal now, according to the autopsy there was evidence of extensive animal activity windings of trauma before or during time of death, meaning hill was not attacked by a bear. All right. Bad vibes. But it always reminds everybody about the awesome show that we all watched his children, maybe tests, are you a little too young for this. And so are you Mondo and bell you and I remember angel. You might remember as well..

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