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Hi Billy Cunningham the great American coming up tonight starting about six oh five is lance McAllister all the pregame activities the Steelers play of course the bangles and in Pittsburgh and I think kick off about eight twenty but we start coverage hours before that before we're gonna have on tomorrow I'm told a couple of guest on this earnings tax that all of us have to pay one cents another directly or indirectly and the bus tax in this is being fashion as eight point eight percent increase in the sales tax right no Hammond county is seven point zero percent for the sales tax so if you buy anything in him accounting matter where you live in the world you pay seven percent and not money goes to find largely county government and paying off the bonded setter to build the two stadiums and more items it's to cut into really hundreds of parts is seven point zero percent so we're going to be asking probably in March of next year during the primary to increase the sales tax rate to seven point eight percent which would be the highest in the region give you some idea according the Internal Revenue Service sales tax calculator zero point eight percent increase and the sales tax would cost a household with sixty thousand dollars in income approximately one hundred dollars more per year one hundred dollars more per year the odds of this passing in my humble view our next to nothing. because there is such a sense of hamlet county taxpayers that the city of Cincinnati has screwed up transportation wrote worldly within the truck within the area because of the street car the streetcar expense will be between four and five hundred million dollars paid largely by residents and those who use services in the city of Cincinnati. and so it's going to be sold to city residents that. metro is currently funded by a point three percent earnings tax but they worked out a deal to make sure voters don't feel like they're gonna get double taxed introduce them a motion that the essentially has the going away of the point three percent you know pay three point three percent of the earnings tax which is two point two so you pay one point nine in exchange for paying the sales tax however the great majority of Hammond county voters do not live or work in the city Cincinnati so this should be an increase for us and I went back in time and think many times is been on the ballot how's it done the last time I transit levy passed in Hamilton County was during the rule of Richard Nixon in nineteen seventy two and at that point nineteen seventy two what almost fifty years ago Emily county residents past a point three percent transit tax defined the so called bus system other efforts have been put forth in nineteen seventy one and it failed nineteen seventy nine and failed nineteen eighty it failed in two thousand and two it fails and is failed because. not because voters like me would not like to have a functioning bus system that I would never ride goes to me the bus system is about jobs of average middle class and lower class economic Americans getting to work and it's terribly important for individuals who are in a ditch economically to get to work and if you use a bus to get to work many of us living in the suburbs well like to make sure you get to work it's good for the economy it's good for you it's good for your family it's good for your way of life to actually work them out of what the job is you heard me talk earlier with Brian tone in America if you work. and if you. get a degree from high school and if you don't have kids out of wedlock and you don't commit crime do those four things the odd you make in a pretty good but there's many Americans were the car expense is too great not just the purchase unless you're a Joseph Chevrolet of course the purchase the insurance is too much so use the bus to you can save up money to get a car and so I want to incentivize people do go to work so for me to pay an additional point eight percent not gonna hurt me one way or another and it probably wouldn't hurt match diameter Jack from later Scott Sloan one way or another if you live in if you spend money in Hamilton County. but the pot the the the pond is been so poisoned by what's happening in the city of Cincinnati with the street car. even though it's not directly tangled up into this it makes it very hard mentally to vote for something when you know the money is going to be used directly or indirectly by those who gave us the street car this tree Kerr is an unmitigated disaster that paid you said failed increase Seelbach and others voted against the interests of the people in Hamilton County the city's Cincinnati and it was a horrible wrong decision this wasn't about hiring one or two additional cops this was four hundred million dollars take the cost and take the interest rates and take the losing expenses it's four hundred million dollars and that that would build a bus system you couldn't believe so that's what they have to overcome is to commence people like me you have to convince me it's in it's in my interest as an American to incentivize people to get to work I love that idea the difficulty as I can't trust those making those decisions when they made such poor ones in the past let's continue with more to thirty your home of the Reds and Bengals starting coverage tonight about six oh five with lance on newsradio seven hundred W. autumn..

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