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Matt dance coach miss a top me etiquette and how to be a lebie and how to handle situations will grace and conflict resolution how excel as a boss because that's exactly what she is and then you know she taught me how to leave fearfully i'm sorry fearlessly fully robot yoshitomi heavily fearlessly and instill confidence in me that i never knew ahead and that is the gift those are the gift that you want to imbue much matches these girls but that next generation um absolutely and i want them to remember all of their mentors miss dole fay myself ms hall brinda brown river amanda lipids their mothers and pay a forward give back in some way tell someone that you messed up because that's important everyone wants to tell the cinderella story this is now movie this is their rural lives in a documentary in their lives are going on in they are facing struggle still i am facing struggles still so to be truthful honest about the things that you're going through that's important and there is a moment in the film where you to one of the characters have about your story and your struggles when you were her age and i mean every every teenager every kid you know has a moment whether it is a parent or whatever just like you are never by age that everything but you broken down and you're like i get it i understand these are the things that i went through and was one of the best moments in the film from me because the character that you were talking to the person you were talking to.

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