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In a minute first reaction of vic hey rome sandwich you want about the guy but smack off would not be the same without victor li in vancouver all day long and that's not in dispute i don't care how much you hate that guy daddy venice much better with him i'm height i'm really glad to hear from him now i'm waiting on mike vick says come on rome you know mike and indies going to be there i don't know i hope i think a want him to but like i said i'm not gonna beg again i'm not gonna beg any of you to be in the most important day of the show most important day of the year for this show five grand hanging in the balance and title of king of smack you know what it is if you're good enough to be in it you know what it is this says nice call vic not andy from denver a not blast the subject is nice call vic the body is not at scott gratis tweets vic always hitting everyone with the smarmy truth that's off fan vicks voice is the audio representation of a pencil moustache that's good you like that hawk hey roger hawk dot that was funny guy with a porn stash laughing at a pencil moustache joe that's great hawk at hughes jeremiah tweets round isn't a shape vic dear jim it's great to have the mystery cleared up about whether or not vic is coming to the smack off as if it was ever a mystery but he didn't answer the question of why he got kicked off twitter and for all this talk about always being in shape pretty rich that he would make that claim considering he finished sixth and ninth in the last two smack offs check yourself vic you're getting a little flabby tony from iowa city.

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