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Mark warner is vice chair of the senate intelligence committee he wants to hear about russia is threatened not begin in 2016 and it certainly didn't in with the election today sentencing day for a man who set up a bomb in lower manhattan emergency vehicles to whisk 23rd street back in september 2016 when he meets detonated a pressure cooker bomb he placed near a construction dumpster the container absorbed much of the blast put more than thirty people were injured federal prosecutors said brahimi should face life in prison and the defence cannot really argue because his conviction requires it but defense attorneys asked the judge not to pile on prosecutors said rahimi lacks remorse and has tried to radicalize fellow inmates while he awaits sentencing in prison aaron katersky abc news new york the remington gun companies filing for bankruptcy the company's bottom line took a hit when president trump was elected because gun enthusiasts weren't is worried about losing excess two weapons and buying slowed at the olympics soon korea american emily sweden crashed badly at the luge what was able to walk away abc's alex stone says there are also safety questions on the slopes jamie anderson from california one golden snowboard slopes style now the governing body of world skiing and snowboarders being criticised for letting the event go forward in extreme wind and icedover jumps jenny would dacas with the international ski federation now it was very difficult conditions for the writers in fact so tough forty of the fifty wrongs ended with a rider falling or bailing out in my pd and secret service are searching for the person who said a letter full of white powder to the president's son donald trump jr is wiped the nestle was the one who opened it she was checked out at a hospital and is fine the letter was postmarked in boston and a british judge has just up held the arrest warrant for wikileaks founder julian assange he's wanted in sweden on.

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