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Temperature lower, so you get cooled off and so that. Is why babies fall asleep when they're hot. I am the same and adults. I remember I used to have a science tutor who came over and junior high, and I didn't get five minutes into any of those lessons because we'd sit in the bedroom and the sun will be the perfect time of day. And it was always like right on my bed. And just, yeah, in win. Also, sites are boring when I was in to your high. Well, yeah, that's a problem. Yeah. But yeah, that was the first time I had heard an explanation, which totally makes sense totally. But it's like, but I like to sleep in a cold environment. So I don't know what that says about me weirdo. And also I'm thinking now about how like the temperature drops. But if I'm too hot at night is when I have nightmares, totally like I will hundred million percent have a bad dream if I'm wearing sweat shirt or if they're too many blankets, wow, violent, the bad dreams, my God, her faira. Yes, bad it is he under also cool environment. I wanted to. Tuck this article I read in New York MAG, and it was about Penn Gillette who I love, who is half of Penn and teller and he's and Penn and teller have Vegas magic show, which should see some feel like Tele really got the shooting in this day. No, I think it is so fun because he probably likes that. Yeah, but I'm thinking about all the other jobs that pen gets. Yeah, but maybe that's the whole point that he didn't want that. Okay, that's great. Then it's such a great gimmick. Okay. And that is name is teller? Oh my God. I just realized that, well, you know, I am about last name. Is that his real name? Yeah, I think so, too. Of course it is, of course, well, or if it's nice, still funny just first name because Penn Jillette that's just I name Penn and teller. Oh, oh, my. God now. Okay. What got a crack, what it is. I is Steve Lou. Yeah, you're right. It must be as I his first name unless they just want like, yeah, look it up at all. In the meantime, the article was great because pen, first of all is always entertaining, and he's very smart and one thing that he said stuck out to me because I know you like magic bit, and I thought that you would find this interesting. He was sort of going through why they chose to do their act. The way they do, which is to sort of like it's a wink like they, they treat the audience, the audiences, smart enough to grasp what's going on. They don't pretend like it's. What do you call it? Like truly magic yet? Yeah, yeah, they know that it's yeah. And sometimes they'll even explain some things that they do and they were pointing out that you on one hand, you have David Copperfield, who is this guy who's like this is truly magic and gets to him..

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