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First three games here in the post season and might have a tough time getting under in this one second game here on sunday that's the saints leading the panthers fourteen to three drew brees with his second touchdown pass in the first day of just put saints up by 14 of three carolina one made field goal one misfield ago graham good old miss a very makeable one in the first quarter so the panthers things are going to have to dig themselves out of a hole on nine place seventy five yard scoring drive hell with a nineyard touchdown catch so the saints grab a fourteen to three lead nine minutes to play in the second quarter there we can look forward to next week's playoff action we know three of the four matchups this one of course not being over yet saints and panthers although saints in good spot up by eleven points here in the second we know the steelers will be hosting the jacksonville jaguars which you may have forgotten a fan probably avenue but you casual fans out there back in about week six i think it was the steelers were beaten in pittsburgh by the jacksonville jaguars thirty two nine and there was a game into the second after jaguars scored a whole bunch of points in the third and fourth quarter to blow the game open um it was the game that ben roethlisberger through not one not two not three nod for but five iin tease pittsburgh was actually ahead nine seven where the eight minutes ago to third quarter made a field goal relatively early in the third quarter take a nine seven lead and i i n t return for a touchdown picks six by calvin smith i n t return for a touchdown fifty one yards by barry church myers field goal leonard ford net ninety yard touchdown run blew that game open in the second half but big ben through five pigs two of which were taken back to the house in your member after the game he did say while you know maybe i just don't have it anymore and it became a cause celebre certainly you're gary hall of fame quarterback saying he doesn't know if he can continue to play at the highest of levels i saw the cut i heard the gut i watched it on video and i was here doing i am football with ac and i was quite taken aback by.

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