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Same direction regarding your Google in and you're right and even to that point so so check it out so just imagine now let's just say for hitching giggles your Ron Rivera right here you're out here and the Panthers but you're still young enough guy in the mid fifties and you're in good shape in your mind is straight and you respected in the lead guy as a former excellent player and an excellent coach and now Jerry Jones you know he ends up let's take in the eight the Garrett Scott all at speculations of the truth so now they've been starch moron Vera may be coming to the US cowboys head coach out like if your him are you going to want to be a veteran head coach whose legitimate as a coach you don't want to be old would be in on the minded and disrespected appalled doubt by the owner I'm I don't want to go to cal boys a list of money is insane and I have full protection and creative control of my team my scheme and my owner of the team is not going to I love the microphone on the camera so much my point is some coaches that have your little long in the tooth democratically credible they might not want to go if they have a lot of patience to downscale bush well that that's fair and lets the draw is of the Dallas Cowboys and America's team and and doing it in Dallas and the popularity of that team and say and I I could be the guy that can get it right because coaches have a teleconference but you're right I mean there are coaches certainly ties that are are not going to want to be a part of that are not going to be and that's something that you know when when people not chasing Gary the in and I get you can document exes and ohs I I understand that ties the one thing Jason Garrett is able to do personality wise something that bill Parcells grew tired of something that Jimmy Johnson grew tired of is dealing with Jerry Jones is personality dealing with the over the top nature deal and what can you say he's the owner of the team so I mean there is one point you know what this is all you need is is that there's not a lot of guys that can deal with that but in order to deal with that you have to get through a lot of nonsense and a kind of well you know put the boots on to get through a lot of P. S. because there is a lot of nonsense that goes on there in Dallas that doesn't go on in other places because of how influential the owner is and how much he wants to be involved in terms of the football decision yeah and and and that's the thing that's why I'm saying I mention the guy just for the hell of it like around like a Rivera a veteran coach I think a younger of cultural not a college to your point about the star and that the brand the Dallas Cowboys and likely to Riley yeah you talked about that you know the cowboys io he's got Dallas Cowboys head coach written all over league on because he's he's down in Oklahoma which is you know is on a map super close your eyes to Dallas well the country big twelve exactly he I'm sure would look at it like what is amazing amazing opportunity the Dallas Cowboys Tom waves used to coach this team this is unbelievable like this is amazing you know that type of thing and a yeah alright I'll have to do with Jerry Jones but he will be subservient to Jerry Jones quicker than a guy who's a veteran coach like let's say for NGOs gone ski from from the Broncos I'm not seeing the cowboys would wanna this got this man is not going to go there and deal well Jerry Jones or don't have to don't have to know you're gonna have to deal with that going in that's why you don't go in if you have options right and I get that I understand that but it is not going to be a marking out from the start I don't I don't eat yeah I I don't I don't disagree with you but I think you have to go in there with eyes wide open I guess I look at it ties in terms of you know looking at at Jones the owner yelp is a you know we talk about what the faces of teams and you look at a cross the National Football League there are not a lot of orders that are the face of the franchise Jerry Jones is the face of the Dallas Cowboys yeah yeah I mean it's just not die right Scott it's not as he kill Elliott it's not chasing Gallimard composed of Laurie Cooper it's not the market's Lawrence it's right so what yeah how are you eight I I think you could say that basically he's the only owner in the National Football League that is you the only owner like I'm not I'm kind of I don't think there's another older I mean listen it rams fans in Saint Louis can't stand stand cranky right now they want BC they put his head on a bull's eye you because I have him move the team to Los Angeles I mean at what point in time I think the only guy that had that kind of a field was al Davis well no doubt about it al Davis raider that's very true that et al Davis love the horizon rate he was the face of the raiders just win baby he defied raiders football when he thought about the Oakland or Los Angeles raiders he thought about al Davis only there's another older in the National Football League has no it was you could take one where I said to myself yeah that's the face of the team right yeah and even craft like he's not the face of the shakiness on camera Lottie talks a lot but he never ever ever on the minds of coaches no all the players are Bella check be gone long title belt check wouldn't deal with that I think that's the other thing too I think coaches that have that success in their confidence and their belief in themselves they're going to train you how to treat them they're going to train that owner you know all of that squad of their team Hey you're not going to publicly help me out you want to go behind closed doors and you want to you know go off on me or get mad at me or tell me I'm doing wrong no problem all well publicly you gonna kill my credibility that's really a problem Seattle the Garrett has that relationship like that with Jones I don't why would I grew the IBM PC Goerlitz Jerry Jones beach are John said man I think that's where he's able to survive and why it for so long you know I I think that's why geez Garrett still the cowboys head coach because he is not down frustrated by this because he has not stepped up and said this is nonsense this can no longer happen bees are they if that was transpiring ties I think Jason Garrett might be gone awhile back and will still be the cowboys head coach well let's just say you're right yeah I agree but let's just say like just strip mall in my call a college coach you mentioned looking like route let's just say a guy older let's just say of the great Nick save it let's just I know it's not gonna happen he leaves Alabama okay I I would have no shot the NFL that dolphins thing flopped really bad I want to give this whole NFL thing is a chance and a grin I'm sorry a good Jerry Jones of the cowboys get a hold of Nick save his people this is not going to go to the Dallas Cowboys and deal with Jerry Jones like a guy like that I'm saying a coach even on the calls of let that's Lorna truth that successful believes himself that will have options he is not going to deal with someone like a Jerry Jones that's the thing about and you're right I think that's how Garrett kept the job so long because he just did his job and let let Jones duty wants of just lazy on or whatever you want so you know we want to cut my feet off the same it nicely all publicly then that's his business I'll let him do it alone does is the owner last year ends and once you hit rock bottom well true idolize it was you get into your contract right if you're saving the you get into a contract like bill Parcells will point in time right at control right then the all star and started to win and then Jerry Jones are to get more involved in the bill Parcells basically white his hands that I can't do this anymore right right judge you go all the way back to as you know I've through our younger went when the cowboys were winning when Jerry Jones first bought the Dallas Cowboys right they brought in Jimmy Johnson and then they started you know winning precipitously in Johnson did a great job with the draft in the Herschel Walker trade the like Jerry Jones his ego couldn't handle the fact that Jimmie Johnson was get all the credit yeah and and they started to **** heads their ego started to **** heads that ended that relationship and he brought in a guy like Barry Switzer who was not a good NFL head coach we know what he was a college but Barry Switzer all right rode the coattails of all those jobs employers it or win a Superbowl down there in Dallas but they haven't won anything since now I think it's the ego of Jerry Jones that is perfected sustained success here for the Dallas Cowboys I really do well I totally agree and I'm and I think that he wants to have that guy you know who will fall in line he wants that guy who used to micro manage and we'll be subservient to him.

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