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Where are we going today we're going to delve into this story of a chinese belarus ringing is a summons for the day and a living to die you should see in the story i karl death is the judge story begins in a small curio shop in new york's chinatown director john williams one of the finest brain surgeon in the middle way and his wife are celebrating the twentieth wedding anniversary by a trip to new york may have stopped in at this cure shop the santa matter reasons just as they did on their honeymoon twenty years before all john it's the same it's exactly the same is it wise doesn't look at there were thing had been sold through in here last hair trigger it wasn't it okay wrong is dead now i'd be tempted to believe we've gone back twenty years when we came through or even the smell them in central ginger the same peru he must buy something done even if it's only a chunk just the sentiment saint if you wanna take it how 'bout this statue of buddha here it only weighs about threeterm is still not one of these bells john we needed on about oh this when do the better for a temple gone guiling better try again all right jeff oh i have it this is lovely little bellarose crystal hi why pigs up color that rose crystal pens adokie wrong so to some addi known as thurbers something that pleases yes crystal clear how much is it end please don't make the price too high the price is not tie with the lady would not let it what i do of it why should you think i would once it was a most unlucky bear now it is broken my uttered further cable broke it to break the him that followed a broken where excel right to ni it is broken because it will not renew the carpet is gun leftright mary the clapper is missing but i could easily have a new clapper nate it is not possible only the clapper carved win this bear was carved out of the same block of roh's christer where.

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