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Spends the rest of his life scuttling up and down the dark into alleys of the rush in city searching for what he will never find a single moment that had happened i came back here when it was too dark to look anymore and i called martha in montreal out those are the days when longdistance still cost money and picked up the phone and call her and i said baby darling i've lost the suit trousers and i explained her way it happened and she registered the full tragedy of the event and she said have you look in the park because she it somehow hatched a theory that the central park was sort of like the island of misfit toys that somehow all discarded clothes ended up in the park it was a brilliant but desperate and mistaken hypothesis i never found the suit trousers no matter how hard i looked never found them and when a couple of weeks later we went down to city hall to be married i wore the jacket of that suit and the same kind of black chains that you see me in tonight to be married it the onestop we made on our trip home in the subway are honeymoon from city hall was at colony records to by the sheet music of the blue room so at least we could have that is a talisman of our enchantment and put it up here on the wall the lyric that began we'll share a blue room the new room to room it was about four weeks later when we were sitting here one night working when we heard of hobbled out in the street on a warm early winter night we went up to find out what was happening and it turned out to john lennon had been shot just across the park the other side of the park that night and that inflation of those two moments one trivial in one unimaginably tragic nonetheless opened to me for the first time the reality that is our don't life the reality of the constant treasury and unreliability of events and particularly of the.

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