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Calculated to give you in suspense. I hadn't figured on being out for Christmas, but my prison record showed off. Makes a lot of good behavior than not time off. And I'm robbing assault rap When I was a good boy model prisoner took everything they threw at me with exactly with a smile and that smile much. I took it without grabbing. So I'm out for Christmas. Christmas is a good a time as any for what I gotta do. Town. Cruddy got phony tin Christmas trees in the lampposts along the main drag and colored lights all over the joint and Christmas, Carol screeching it. You're from loudspeakers everywhere. Even the saloons that red and green streamers all over the place in the bar mirrors on frosted black snow. A big bowl of slop called Common, Jerry. They're pushing very Christmas. Yeah, I wanna be a little Christmas cheer Tom and Jerry. Maybe. Did you got any whiskey? Oh, sure. We got to give me a straight shot. Okay? Can't you get anything on that dude's box. But then Christmas carols don't like girls stink. Hey, you won't think so. After you get a couple of bills under your belt. Do you think so? Sure. It's Christmas, man. Yes, I heard that taste good. Real good. Say you look sort of familiar. Don't I know you from someplace? I was wondering how long it'd take on the voice is familiar your eyes. Joe. Joe. What? Joe, I heard you was going to get out soon. Charlie Jones told me I didn't know you'd be on Christmas. Yeah, I got big hearted. You put on a little weight. That's why I didn't recognize you. £30 prison child, But you look real good job. Real good. Yeah. Where is Charlie? You've been in time. Not yet, but he'll be around problem. Got to see him. You know where he's living at. Yeah, He's got a room over on fourth Street room. Figured he'd be living in a flophouse or not, Charlie. He's doing okay. Since he got out, got a steady job. How about you, Joe? You got a job lined up. I got a job lined up. Good job. It'll be good as good as I can make it. There's the last minute shopping really got you down or your passion and France and all over the town. You bought a lot of presents. And you still have lots to go. Well, go. Go get a script, Joe. You don't have to know a size. You don't worry about the fifth. A new script opener. Pencil always makes a hit or Mom or Dad or sister and Jane.

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