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Also, I changed the names to be common dog names for the past two years. I was pretty good friends with sparky, we had shared interests and enjoy going places together. And we're pretty close at the time she pleases, a lot of importance on marks or grades which I definitely understand, but she can be quite unkind about it. She says things like, oh, I only got a ninety six I did so bad around people that she knows must have gotten lower marks than her, like me, and my other friends, I remember feeling uncomfortable when describing my favorite books with her before, because I thought she would be dismissive and condescending about them this year sparking got into a passive aggressive fight with another of my close friends spot because spot was sick of her attitude in school. Sparky says things like oh, you should have taken the French course, even spots doing well and it and I also heard from spot. That's. Sparky said I stay up till three AM studying implying that spot didn't deserve the grades. She was getting because she studied less than her root rude. There's also a parental aspect to this from what I heard from sparky. Her parents are very strict about school. This has evolved into her making really judgmental remarks about my other friends so much so that I think she's intentionally trying to hurt people and bring them down spot believes that sparky who's Spar. He's the original friend were talking about. So everybody's following this needs to bring down other people because she's incredibly insecure about herself. She also began saying, latently untrue things such as I'm a bad lab partner. And she said she might do a lab again next year if she had a better partner ru Volcan rude. She clearly is not fine. And I'm fairly sure she's not mentally healthy, we're no longer close. But I make sure to be civil with her. When I see her in the halls. Even though that's the extent of a relationship nowadays. But she's hurting a lot of my friends still. I'm not sure if there's anything I can or even should do. And I'm really stuck about this any advice would be very helpful. Okay. So turn and are you going to start off with some compliments? Yes, you gave us your age. You mentioned that you were a teenager, and you gave us specifically the age, and I am we are both so impressed with how you are thinking through this, and specifically the last paragraph where you said she clearly is not fine. And I'm fairly sure that she's not mentally healthy, or, and you also mentioned her parents, which is like the root of everyone's problem, their parents, great job, thinking, deeply about this and trying to be pathetic toward a person who's not who's being very unkind. Oh man. I agree. You are like you sound like you're, you're more mature than like most actual adults. I know. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. This was happening to me. It'd be like she's me. I tell everyone had been Shia. We're doing great like you're doing very good this, this question has. A lot of empathy and it, and we really, really respect that you also said, I make sure to be civil toward her amazing. I think that's a very good move, because even though it probably costs you a little bit, mentally, and it probably causes you a little bit of frustration. You're doing something no one ever does, which is taking the high road. Absolutely. And I think that you're also doing a second bit if this that is absolutely perfect. Which is you have disengaged from sparky. The bad friend. Yes. Good job. I understand that. He's still hurting your other friends like spot and rusty. And Rex.

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