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One twenty twenty one the kfi financial report dan up seventy two nasdaq up eight s p 500 gained three gold is at twelve 78 announced and oil as at fifty six dollars a barrel southland weather from kfi partly cloudy tonight lows in the mid50s throw around sixty partly cloudy tomorrow and warm temps in the 80s to around ninety right now seventy and found valley at sixty nine donald beach 72 in north hollywood and 61 in santa monica we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm debra mark china your junk quebec kinship whole kfi am 640 another day and more bigname gone down charlie rose cbs news banned talk show hosts the washington post came about it out 23 pages worth of uh young women complaining about charlie a walking around naked in this house wearing an untethered robe in trying to lure them into his shower we'll get to that unpleasant stuff and then we've got a a california assemblyman getting accused of six by six other women he's claiming he's gonna leave but he's not gonna leave tell la late next year it will save out that uh coming up the big trial going up in san francisco that we've been telling you about most days is the case stanley murder trial the defended jose and ask our see as a raw taylor illegal alien who is accused of murdering a young kate stanley on the pierre in san francisco finding a gun playing with a gun did he actually intended to kill stanley that is the debate in court between the prosecutors who say yes the should be first degree and the defence who say no this was a strange accident so let's get vivian uh san francisco san francisco chronicle vivian it was closing argument day wasn't it was it not war walker who i won't quit all how owned by their critical critical cooled morrow and so the prosecution's goes first.

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