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Black southern men now and we bought confederate army also now again into a whole history the civil war which yes it was right or one return other but it was over i mean the four the war was fort we won we're still here so i mean is but again as far as like the statues goes you leave him up because people because like that that statue beuningen museum would never have this dialogue going on right now if the whole purpose of all these statues in new for the anthem and hold is to start dialogue well then you walk in a place where they can do that and that's not going to be in the back of a museum at the thanks for the call to new jersey one award point five that's the point you know if you really want to start a dialogue i mean the whole thing with colin cap reneging me colin kaepernick basically knelt for the anthem at that it was a handoff i was a handoff to people to talk about the issues that he wanted to talk about instead only but he talks about his colleague avic deliver the anthem and now it's all about cabinet he's got to play football again none of the players wanted to play football they wanted to play but not on their team but when it comes to the statues if you want a sport conversation and you want to start a dialogue and you want to move things forward leave him alone if you really want to move things forward stop talking about it in just do it and move things forward it's eight thirty never latest jersey news from nj one on one five dot com only thirty five.

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