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Condemned killer will not have to sit in the electric chair tomorrow in South Carolina. He and another convict also was scheduled to die soon borrowed more time in courts. The South Carolina Supreme Court blocked the executions because a firing squad hasn't been assembled. Yet. Those executions are scheduled just a month after the state Legislature passed a new law compelling those on death row to choose between electrocution or firing squad at lethal injection drugs weren't available. President officials say the drugs aren't available. Attorneys for the two men argue that death by electrocution was cruel and unusual. They also argued the state hadn't done all it could to get the lethal injection drugs. The lawyers for the state say the U. S. Supreme Court has never found electrocution to be unconstitutional. Rob Dawson Fox News in a few hours, we could get some rulings from the Supreme Court as it winds down its term. A baker in Colorado who want a partial victory at the quarter few years ago after refusing to make a cake for a same sex wedding is back in court for not making Another cake that was ordered today. The Supreme Court took up his first case, a Denver district court judge this week rule Jakphillips violated the state's anti discrimination law by refusing to make a cake for a transgender woman. Philips said said he refused the pastries message since the customer ordered a pink cake with blue frosting to celebrate her transitioning. The judge rejected the argument, saying the case was about a refusal to sell a product not compelled speech. A group representing the Baker says it will appeal the ruling, which includes a $500 fine rich Dennison Fox News on Wall Street. More selling is in store futures are down the day after the Dow lost more than 250 points. Big Tennis News just broke Raphael Nadal is withdrawn from Wimbledon and won't play at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, saying He's listening to.

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