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Okay welcome back again so the question was about yeah I was asking about when Larry Holmes fought Muhammad Ali in, the the fight, before which you know of course tied into the Larry Holmes was Mike Tyson. Fight and what happened with it was called the last hurrah was was what it was built I think it was nineteen. Eighty when when Mohammed Ali went in and much much older Mamad Ali went into fight Larry, Holmes, and I, think, you read you remember what happened Well I think it was it was because an homes you know he'd. Be to wanna hurt alley Zaki. And Ali was you know towards the tail end of his career and a lot of people, got kinda got turned twelve to Larry home because There's a hero Exactly but anyway but when we went to to buy Taza, told something here Anyway. What happened was on night then homes came out there dancing Jabeen moving, around I tried to like, Muhammad Ali guy. Dancing around to Mike. Tyson pressure, nail him with some shots Dan ban wou he really did And Larry couldn't really, get off on ties was, moving moving moving. Moving but India Taishan head, and really, going in If you know he. Didn't to Ryan homes went. Down so he went down hurt I decided I'm not even gonna bother to count because he was he was very wobbly for over thirty seconds, and I'll Rhonda les. Rendezvous, Tyson but Taza was, devastating and, and but of course you know Baddest man on the. Planet, that's, came from the, yeah yeah There's so many grow the, great fights well let me ask you this because how many how often have you see where the old guard the old lion. Goes down, to the to the to the young and hungry I mean we talk, about it right there with, both Larry Holmes all very homes, losing any. Young Mike Tyson an old Mamad Ali, all young, Larry Holmes. You go back to Joe Louis Louis new young rocky Marciano? Go back to any kind of. You know, what I mean it happened where. The old dog I mean we. Just two draws. In BELTRAN, we see it all the time we're an older I mean I just was reading today that Oscar de LA, Hoya says that if he was twenty eight or. Twenty nine he was knocked out Mayweather, with, when they fought and then you? Go? Back? And say well what about when Julio Cesar, Chavez you what if. He was, twenty eight or twenty nine he would be you I mean that's kind of. Something, where The reason, I, bring this up because when you? Look? At? This triple g fight does this feel like, another case of the. Old guard, being displaced by the new Feel like you guys last passing the, torch exactly it happened you mentioned it John Hoya Chavis which I was a referee An Oscar de LA Hoya the, first round came out there He and a Saudi Jabeen. Real. Oscar had good hijab hijab job. Is I like that good like. A three inch. First round I try to bless coming down I'll, call time I had the doctor. Look at it right away and he said it was. Okay but yet for the next couple of rows, he was he was blinded. By his own blood equal c He he was getting hit See where this, is having you know Puncher he could hit a good shot. To live a life banana, good night Have you ever went down yes But he he fought a job is a job is was tried his best calling the doctors about two or three, occasions, and semi caller. Ringside doctor doctor flip or Maske I took place and he's. Powders back in ninety ninety. Six I they believe it was and of course I went to call the. Doctor a third time I? Deduct Joe we gotta stop it and the reason, why, I keep bringing. Him over because I was hoping. Doctoral me to stop it. Because I made a cut. Was big we had a good in but you wanna see somebody get hurt Of course job is, to protect us fighter from taking unnecessary. Punishments, first, and foremost right yeah. Exactly and and I was talking about the doctor maybe we'll stop here now because I saw it coming next Friday I got I know. I got him now and, that's when I call time though yeah The doctor because I don't wanna see guy. Get hurt because he, was equals c yeah so. Anyway that was a real turning point in Deloitte's career right when he, came up and and really when. He put that just like actually. Just like beating, delahoya was a big turning point in fluids career beating an. Jason's like, that's a big deal and it's a big especially when it's an old, it's? Funny, though. When you look at back at Oscar de, LA Hoya he was so young and handsome and I mean Olympia. In star. He was American but he had, the Mexican fans because he was Mexican. Descent It. Reminds me of his new protege and I don't just. Mean Cannella who's also of course Mexican and. Handsome and all this other stuff but Ryan Garcia and the reason I bring him up is because he fights tonight and you. Know. Another nobody, whose name will never hear again but you know they're building the resume this is how it works but this is a guy who you know invite worlds my brother talks about him all the time which is mind blowing him because he's never. Find anybody you know, what I mean but he's. A guy who's done a really good job again his name out there, he's got like a million Twitter. Followers and he's nineteen he's got. Twitter beef with, other other boxers the is a young fighter who has challenged Here's a making of a champion is often yeah. Just but you know oh. Yeah, you know when you're do you call a. Greenhorn quite ready yet but he's got he's got a great potential what. Do you have to say about the way. Not just you? Know him, in the ring 'cause obviously, you get, he's lightning-quick but his defensive mechanics have we've covered that plenty, of times but his his ability to, together. Such a fan base it's such a young age obviously a, lot of that is the? Golden boy promotions machine they are they, are so good at what they do but, do you, think this is saying something about the the, new age of badgers I know a guy that you've personally had had a lot of contact with Devon, Haney he's now become the he fights. In the three, weeks I think September. Twenty second he he's now, the youngest promoter in boxing history these young fighters are. Taking the taking their careers in their own, hands they're promoting their own fight that promoting themselves do. You think I mean I? Think there's probably was you know going into a lot of, these guys mold you. Go to you look at Mayweather and before him Delaware. Do you think this is a really good. For the sport the way are promoting themselves What happens is that he's one of the few that you ever heard of from what he can do it because he he. Can back it up oh. Yeah, could talk to talk walk the walk and. What you can do that in any business you go into well you. Know he's got it because I tell you. I've been working? His quantum, a couple of times and, I'm too, I'll be working the next week with him he's he's got, what it takes you know he got, the. Making of a champion he's already spa with gym as somebody's, champion that he'd been sparring World champions and he's made these guys look a little bit Oh yeah Wow and he's. He's outstanding he's got what. It, takes. Oh yeah I just nothing makes me better than when I see guys who who are, overwhelmingly talented like the majority of Deontay wilder career. Terence Crawford, I mean still these guys who have so, much talent but they no one knows who. They are their name is. Out, there well that's why I give so much great to these young guys who like I had, fought nobody but you know, their name, you know we had a loving Kuwata ESPN office. Awhile, back yeah and he walked up the street. Building everything nobody knew who the hell he. Was really. Nobody, knew yeah he's, powerful. PA, probably That's, crazy It goes to show that a beautiful get. That visibility, then again it's. Way class he's in this part. Of. It sure if he won thirty one hundred. Thirty eight We've been a middleweight heavyweight. I mean, going down the. Street everybody knows who he is. Probably. Yeah he looked like a regular you know Bigalow, he does Walk you down nobody. Knows who, years you know Gloves around, his neck Oh it does it was up to maybe just start doing that Maybe he's wearing a belt around his. Waist, wouldn't hurt. You know we're gonna talk about the mother champion But, you listeners. Out there, don't go away.

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