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Don't work with chevron in moscow in russia to to come up with programs a really impactful and the things we could do together and so when you do that is for me vying yes. I'm service company. So i'm provide value to our clients by helping an an and integrating our social efforts but at the same time you really can be impactful and all of us had the same stem hats on you know so all of us working together was much more stronger if we came in and put it in a fab lab or came in and did camps imparted with national society of women. Engineers black engineers hispanic engineers. You know to to really introduce be impactful to introduce this next generation of kids To stem was speaking of that. First off that's a great segue to my next question but the question after question. How do you pick i guess. Or whoa what drives you to end. And also where would you spend more like. How do you pick the the communities in the charities and and i guess the to serve. Where would you if you if you had more time. Because you're very very busy woman. If you had more time where would you i guess. Where would you want a venture furthering. Well i'll tell you Probably in the places where we've started laying the seeds and and that's the the the corporate side of me. Because i did have a global view of things you know. We set our framework to make sure we add value to the places where we work. You go into certain. There's all the fun gorgeous. All towns right. so why can't they find oil in paris. Capri capri italy defined it. Like yeah rough places. Yes we've been in the villages and the town so you build this framework this social framework around your business model right and so we've done some phenomenal things. One story i love is going into this small town in mexico and training our staff..

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