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At one wrong to graduates the deal angela wright no tottenham straight and believe they're gone across the pond to play coal dan communist football stadium see so here's gear all right right so we know the nfl wants to put a team over that right and we know and i hope you get the job as being the beat reporter for that team i love london men i would love to see you in london for the rest of your career a thanks i appreciate get out there and be the car analyst tear and then we can continue this crappy podcast the friend the plan over there wants to be five thousand miles away yeah right yeah so i am a friend of vinyl that's the reason the reason i put this areas i the reason that put this in here right there is no point number five in there yes is because i think that there are some in this flying under the radar here the nfl the so they went from four games back down to three the reason they went down to three is be as two of the games are going to be at wembley and they were gonna put too at tottenham but they decided because it's a new stadium that they all their only got to do one because they don't want to take the risk of putting two games there in case something goes wrong with the one game they want to be able to test the stadium properly and put all of their effort into playing one game there what's significant about this did you guys know they made and eightfigure investment in that stadium and i'd send you guys pictures right now i'll shoot him to the text group okay if you look at the stadium that's going up and this is again this is again a soccer stadium so as being built for the soccer team right.

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