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The norm and the left is mark stein said of the left fields entitled to riot a to punch people out they don't agree with remember that that campaign rally in san jose where they cornered that woman whether trump had honor trump shirt on pelted with eggs at close range surrounded she was surrounded by a crowd of bayne wolves and then they turned to gun well this guncontrol deal well representative williams while you're cowering in the dugout do you wish you had had a gun in in your in the bag with your glove and cleats number fifteen remember two things well first of all i'm evan second amendment make segment guy from texans so yes i would have a lot more comfortable we were able to do that yeah somebody there had had again because if if steve scalise were not playing second base for their team by the way the game is grown up tonight at seven o'clock as planned and by the way steve scalise is still in critical condition he's had one operation to straighten out blood flow prepare arteries he's still got go undergo more upper regions including orthopaedic and he's still listed in critical condition if if there had not been steve school lease plane that game there would not have been a protective detail there and then all of those unarmed republicans cowering in a dugout a would been at the mercy of how much ammo the shooter him then you turn to the to the actual guilty parties the ones on the left who have been engendering this hate through their vast reach into the american public you get this stephen colbert has been on a donald trump a hate thown having to live within the.

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