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Alexander drive in west Volusia county troopers essay somehow the driver was traveling south on the tracks the train couldn't stop the driver who lived in deland was pronounced dead at the scene nobody on the train was hurt SpaceX's in flight aboard test on Sunday declared a success company CEO Ilan mosque so the test demonstrated view crew dragon's ability to keep us all safe in the event of a large emergency overruled as far as we told us far as the pitch perfect mission went to as well as as well as one could possibly expect yeah I was gonna I'm super fired up this is great the entire test took about ten minutes from launch to splash down the flight brings NASA closer to its first band launch to the international space station out of the commercial crew program as early as the spring astronauts are space walking this hour outside the international space station flight engineers Jessica mir and Christina **** are working to complete battery upgrades as Ross launched by SpaceX in coming months could be riding to the rockets of high fashion instead of using a retro style astro van SpaceX cruiser travelling to launch pad into also sports cars Ilan mosque runs both of SpaceX of the electric car company used us was to get around okay a C. yesterday during the launch escape test well people in Florida and around the country say they're seeing more UFOs the national you're reporting center says it received nearly six thousand reports of something strange in the skies over the US and Canada and twenty nineteen that's up from around four thousand at the year before California had the most reported sightings at four hundred and eighty five followed by Florida with a hundred and eighty two Hey it's Tom Terry this is where Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic news ninety six five W. D. BO new year new quarterly report of injuries at central Florida theme parks starting with Disney world an eighty nine year old woman passed out after riding space mountain at Magic Kingdom in December it was one of several illnesses or injuries that happen from October to December twenty nineteen to visitors felt sick after writing start towards at Disney's Hollywood studios universal Orlando reported for incidents to the state a woman had motion sickness while writing Harry potter and the forbidden journey a seventy eight year old man injured his knee on the same ride a month later sea world and lego land were the only theme parks that didn't report any injuries for the quarter Trina scales news ninety six point five W. DDO awarding went out from the Florida turnpike authority in hopes of getting drivers to pay over two or over drawn at sun pass and a toll by plate accounts if you don't get them paid soon will be sent to collections as an incentive if you switch your toll by plate balance over to son passed to get a reduced all right turnpike officials said there's also an ongoing delay with toll by plate images being processed in those delays will not cause any accounts to be sent to collections Kevin reviews news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. order because governor is fired two more cabinet members at the discovery of hurricane Maria supplies it stacked in a warehouse including the secretaries of family services and housing the discovery the supplies was made on Saturday several people living there were seen opening rolling metal doors of the building calling for authorities to distribute what was inside we've learned they've had numerous palace of water and all other boxes with emergency supplies the Orange County chapter of the national organization of women hosted at the Orlando women's March yesterday hundreds of people met on the steps of city hall and let their voices be heard has people March together for women's rights and equal rights for all volunteers in the crowd were getting people registered to vote and then marched from city hall to Lakey ola a lot of people the March supported women's reproductive rights and we're asking the crowd to support Planned Parenthood another group which did not agree protest with signs and was asked to leave all right six oh seven Orlando's morning news how about this this was just announced seeing this on what is this pitch fork remember those voices yeah the Beastie boy band.

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