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This episode is brought to you by mail chimp as a host one of the most important things. I've learned how to stay in touch with you the listener. I'm not exaggerating. When i say i thrill every single time we get a dm or a voice memo or an email from someone in our audience somebody who has listened to our show engaged with it has questions comments an idea for a new episode. Seriously i do a little dance every single time. My favorite emails though are the ones from people asking for episode topics that the i. Cyo my team has already been talking about. It's like a great confirmation that we're making exactly the show that our listeners wanna be. Hearing for example we recently did an episode on the meaning of the word woke how it has evolved and been co-opted and we heard from a listener a few weeks earlier asking for basically the same episode. Our team had already been planning to make. If you're running a business. 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Who's the first person point this out so it was always kind of hard to say. Who's the first on tick-tock because to kind of hates chronology. But one of the first people to point this out as eric lewis black tick talker and he did this absolutely incredible. Fake out where you get to the part of the song where it's like hands on my knees and he's like in the frame of the video and he's like doing those little like bounces to get warmed up and on the screen there's a caption that says made a dance to the song. And then you get to the part of the song that has the instructions and then he just flips off. The camera and on the screen reads psych. This appleby nothing without black people that video now how somewhere around five hundred thousand views. There's there's a turn here that is fascinating to me and that i will literally never get over somehow. This non dance is stolen. I'm like it's not a dance. And yet these three white women decide to basically do the exact same moves and that video has upwards of one million views before was deleted. Probably because eric lewis stitch them and was like y'all what the fuck come on now. It wasn't even a dance. It wasn't even a dance with the gave us is giving in kista door one daily on cortes. What the fuck in an interview with box. He said as black folk. We've always been aware that we've been excluded and other even on the spaces we've managed to create for ourselves whether it be in music fashion language or dance. Non black vote continuously infiltrate in occupy the spaces with no respect for the architects who built them and very accurate. Encapsulation of what exactly happened with this kind of i shot in the strike by the strict strikeout violent. I mean they do like we can do a labor history. if you want me slide. Do one time yeah. On next week we will take you through the entire history of american labor movement but right now the strike of very organically unfolds from videos. Like lewis's and this one from captain can knuckles black folks. You know what you want to take our shit. We're not gonna give you a dance. Looking at the train of this sound is just like damn black people said enough weeks. I never thought. I'd live to see the day that we actually go through with it and see just how much somebody on need us especially with making dances that chuck rip off and say that y'all created it to take a look at it from the number side the trends that they're describing thought it has been used only about four hundred thousand in about four hundred thousand videos as of july first by comparison savage twenty two million body one point four million a big big job a big jump and if you look at the video hoes in the thought shit sound as capping can knuckles just said. They're struggling. They are struggling to figure out how to dance to the song. It is hilarious now. Only because a lot of them actually end up just combining and buy them. I mean white. Creators ended up just combining dance moves from other viral dance challenges. But also because i am convinced that they don't have any sort of listening comprehension because the most popular interpretation of this dance and by dance. I mean this. Non dance seems to be turning away from the camera waving their arms in the air and then like walking out of the room. This interpretation completely ignores the lyrics to the song. It's like what are you doing. And there's actually this really great video by exo. Sugar bunny a white ally in this fight. Who is just like. I never.

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