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The put America on the moon this is astronaut buzz Aldrin talking about the surface of the moon what it's like reporter the latter there are only about that to enter the belt over the they find great as you get close to it as follows astronauts Neil Armstrong and Aldrin were the first and second Americans to set foot on the moon WG one morning news time five thirty three sentencing of Nexium leader Catherine area in two of his co defendants being delayed Ranieri was to have been sentenced on sex trafficking and forced labor charges on September twenty fifth but a federal judge in Brooklyn has delayed the hearing indefinitely to allow probation officials the time they need to conduct pre sentencing investigations and prepare a port codefendants Allison Mack and Lawrence Altman will also have their sentencing hearings delayed both entered guilty pleas to racketeering and conspiracy charges he faces the possibility of life in prison and has remained in federal custody since his arrest in Mexico last year I'm TV let faith newsradio eight ten and one of three one W. G. why all of the common council is debating a resolution that would create a rewards program aimed at making a dance in the problem of illegal dirt bike or ATV use on city streets please been looking for ways to crackdown on writers for months they still say sama been roaring down streets like Madison Avenue in lark street during daylight hours common council member Richard conte says tipsters could get up to a thousand dollars if their tips lead to an arrest I don't think that we're talking.

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