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Going to be one of those things that last forever. I don't know how much to get into whether I feel like what he did was justified or not, 'cause I do think it wasn't a time or place for it. But I also understand what he was angry about. This very much felt like his practice interview. It very much felt like he was coming in there to say, I won a championship. I'm having a great comeback. I'm having one of the best years of my career. And we're still talking about Coke Cabana. We're still talking about practice. I don't want to talk about Coke man and no more. He's not my friend. I don't know why we're talking about this anymore. And that part about it, I understood. But once you started going in on your coworkers and all the rest of that stuff, I was like, you could have left that part out. To be fair, he started talking about co kebab. He brought it up first. Well, to be fair, though, people have been asking about for a year, the night he debuted, somebody asked him that night. And it's been an ongoing question for a year. The rumors about whether he got booted have been a thing for a while. He was trying to get ahead of a question that may or may not have kept. Well, okay, so here's the thing, right? Let's pocket this and then we can kind of stretch it out because the coal covan issue has been lingering for a long time. Sure. And let's just say you have your own personal beef with somebody. I don't believe like, I feel like I have, there are some similarities that I have with punk. If I don't like somebody, I don't like somebody. And that's kind of the end of it, right? I don't care if you work there. Just stay the fuck away from me. And I think at a certain point you get tired of being asked the same questions about your coworker. Now look, I've talked to cold Cabana, numerous cases. I've been on close podcast, not picking sides here. The only thing I know is that CM Punk doesn't like him. And whatever it is that their history and now people are starting to believe that punk has something to do with him going to Ring of Honor. That's the frustrating part for punk. The problem is, is when you start, when you go off without being asked, and it bleeds into other things, let's just say he just talked about Cole Cabana. I don't think we'd be talking about this anymore. Yeah. It was once you started talking about the EVPs, being like children, hangman page, because obviously for those who didn't haven't paid attention, page kind of alluded to it at the double or nothing, the go home show on dynamite. People have been like using this for promo material and fueling it, so I get his frustration, but it has to stay with Cole Cabana, especially when these are your coworkers, who hired you. We're talking about co Cabana. Like he's a normal coworker, right? Like, oh, I dislike my coworker. No, they're synonymous at a point. CM Punk and colt Cabana. That's like decent Miro not getting asked ever again about each other. Y'all were desus and mural. Like Bert and Ernie splitting up. And you can't, you know, Bert, what happened to Ernie? Y'all were just in the tub, chilling, right? It's like that. You are together. It's not a random coworker that you hate. Y'all were thick as thieves. Y'all were boys. And you could have answered these questions if we're keeping it a buck, 8 years ago. But you left WWE, the lawsuit happened, and you disappeared. So these questions are an outdated. Wait, wait, no, no, no, no. He can't ask those questions 8 years ago because this lawsuit was just, this is recent. So while he's been gone and on top of that, he didn't expect to go to a workplace where colt was going to also be at. So now that he knew that coming in, but it was there. But what I'm saying is, yes, of course you know that somebody that you dislike is now working at the company that you're working at, you're also the biggest star, right? So anything that happens to colt, people are going to look at you. That's the frustration. Because that was your boy. But I'm saying, you understand this frustration. I can understand that kind of frustration. This shit is like every 90s hood movie. Right? This is, this is everything. This is juice. And this is him having his ace. This is that. That's who Coke Cabana is to you. So when you come back to the same place, this man is at. They're going to ask you about him. Right, but you're going to be frustrated. It's been a year. A year is not enough. A year is not enough. It really isn't. Go ahead, Phil. Well, the thing is, and by the way, punk is absolutely the Burt in that analogy. He's definitely the one that's tired of people eating cookies in the bread bed and tied up telling cult like, look, keep that over there. Yo, I think the bigger issue to me is because I follow punk for a long time whether it be through interviews, his character and stuff. I picked up a lot of his quirks. And one of the things I've noticed with him right away is he's the kind of guy when everything is going well. He's still mad about something that happened two months ago. Or three months ago. And if I had to guess, I would bet he's been mad about this coat thing for a while. And I feel like the fact that it keeps coming up just made him aggressively more and more mad about it. The fact that the promo happened and from a fan's perspective, it looks like hangman didn't do anything wrong and at the same time punk is punk. He's body brown in this situation when your Bobby Brown, you gotta be Bobby now. Everybody's gonna look at it. Like, it's your fault. It doesn't matter if that's true or not. And I think he looked at it like, no, I'm tired of being blamed for stuff that other grown men have done, and I have nothing to do with me. Talk to them. Stop asking me what is his deal and why he's demoted. Stop asking me what is Hank man's issue with me? I don't know what his issue is with me because he didn't tell me. I can agree with that to level on the punk side of things, right? 'cause now where I'm packing this. And Phil alluded to this a little while

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