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Voter registration office, sometimes weeks before the election and then more of them coming on election, and they're being dropped off in boxes at the courthouse, where the county's doing their best, it's not a free for all. We're just mail in ballots are going to go disappearing in suitcases. I certainly don't think so. So I would give reassurances. But I would give guarded reassurances that I still think there are a lot more holes in the system. For the record again. There is no proof that mail ballots have posed a significant threat to election security. But public trust can be fragile. The perception of chaos, Khun B, is damaging and as polarizing as actual chaos. The local Democratic Party is already busy trying to manage expectations. Pumping out the message on social media that it may take a while to know who won in Pennsylvania. And the most important thing is to get an accurate count. I was curious if that message is resonating and just generally, what's on voters minds here so One more stop. We've pulled up now to Bethlehem, one of the cities in North Hampton County, making a right down Main Street, which is so pretty old historic brick sidewalks, benches out people sitting on a meeting ice cream. We walked up and down Main Street, talking with people for a while, and then we got lucky because if you are trying to capture the diversity of political views in this corner of Pennsylvania You could not do better than these two adjacent tables on a shady side walk outside the Spanish tapas bar and restaurant at the table further from the curb, Abigail Illingworth. She's from Heller Town, another town nearby,.

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