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The japanese less and less food made it to global goer and the other prison camps and the prisoners are basically forced to fend for themselves and that included judy the decision is made to move the prisoners from glow gar to work on the railroads on sumatra and they got on board a ship the a dutch ship you'll have to pronounce it for me robert i'll just guess added but in any event there on a ship in the straits of malacca this is forty four june of forty four and their torpedo you call it a hell ship was it a prison ship yes the japanese frequently transported pow's throughout the pacific theater on these quote unquote hell ships by basically taking sounds of prisoners and jamming him into the cargo holds without regard for whether or not any of them could breathe or move they were just packed in like sardines this ship in particular the von vic very poor dutch translation by myself but i tried vic wasn't detour pedo by british submarine ironically enough who had no idea that from the prisoners of war we're on board judy and frank managed to escape frank by shoving judy out of a porthole telling her to swim for it and then miraculously getting out of the wreckage alive himself both of them then swam for their lives judy managed to save at least four prisoners by having them hang onto her and he would you know she would paddle them over to debris in the water or you know another floating device and save their lives and finally when you know everybody was safe she then allowed herself to be pulled this when they were being tracked by sharks and judy was barking at them that was a different occasion that was when she was first rescued by george why she barks at sharks she barks at anything japanese sean anything threatening her ability to sense danger was unparalleled and get obviously in the war that's what you need in this case she made it back to singapore these providers of the record brought to singapore for holding she and frank were bought brought back separately and.

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