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How many how many future just musicians of any kind of a zero how are you doctors zero lawyers zero i don't know if that stretch but it feels like it nice daddy six chris became a smart ass with teachers grew restless ninety six he heard about how much money was being made selling crack on a 48 hours tv special with dan rather realized other kids around his aged thirteen fourteen worn asking her mom for ice cream anymore they are making some bank cellnet rocco cain that is hilarious to me man big in the idea to sell crack from dan rather it reminds me the start of breaking bad walter white watch the news clip of his brotherinlaw hank make it a meth bust and yet the first apps on the pilot and he sees as a whole bunch of cash part of on the table is like how much money is a hank and hang says it's about seven hundred grant and the idea to make methods born like who hasn't thought up for a second about making fast money legal or not oh man i had i had crazy illegal fantasies grown up you know as i dunno rob so something and make much cassar you know i i had drugdealing fantasies i mean i didn't act on it in any way bells i comment himself greatest make all the cash chris previously thought about becoming a commercial artist in art school the pratt institute was right down the street and commercial artist lived in his neighborhood but why struggle as an artist for years when you can make good money stolen crack right now and that is literally the first thing i think when i wake up each morning why are trying to write jokes why am i kill myself research and every week we're actually making good money right now.

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