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Okay bears of bread big from the chicago tribune when likely gets cut to what do you think the marketplace looks like for him to see go back to being a backup quarterback elsewhere well yeah i mean that's the best case scenario form right now right i mean nobody's have decided to start uh could he potentially resurfaced with the buckum years maybe and they had what they had uh since magic there this year i got two jamus so uh he's coming out of contract so the bucks will be in the markets were backed up maybe tampa emerges as an option but yeah i am away fifth might if things go mike glennon's way perhaps you the chance to continue in the league for awhile is a backup which can be uh pretty good work if you can find it and keep it right yeah i mean it that sounds good when you look at this football team i know he said some really good things about richer too risky him in from a positive standpoint in and that's always good because that's what you like to build around but when you look at this team i mean there is no more matt forte in that system to where he was every bit of sixty to seventy made eighty percent of the offense who now do you think you have in and of course arshad jeffries goes in go the philadelphia gets a super bowl but who do you see comes into this offense to help out a mitch trubisky to where he could continue to not turn a football over to where you know maybe if he start pressing being young you may star seemed to me to turnovers.

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