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This episode is presented by. At and t. business high bre. My name is hannah. And i'm from brainerd minnesota. I was just wondering what a polite but assertive way to ask for a raise. It be what kind of key points do i wanna hit. That'd be great. thank you bye had. I could tell. You're extremely polite. Just by the way you phrase your question you don't have to worry about being polite I would think you might worry about being overplayed and not assertive enough. You're the kind of person with your very lovely manner. You could be super aggressive and nobody will even read it as that because you have that nice soft edge to you so go into this whole question with the idea in mind. You wanna be assertive. You'd have to worry about being too assertive. It's not your nature. Okay so with an eye toward assertiveness here. Are i believe the essential steps to asking for any raise from any boss in any circumstance. Okay first of all understand that bosses don't give raises to people for doing the same job they did last year. A lot of people think if you spent twelve months at a job that the boss thinks you should be rewarded. No he hired you. She hired you for a particular job that you've done for twelve months and if you've done that job well in my my at doesn't murder of raise just means you've done the job you got hired for. Hey but what bosses give raises for is when you take on more responsibility you doing different job today than you were hired for twelve months ago. So what you wanna do. Is you want to walk into the boss's office with the list of your new responsibilities where you were hired for which you love doing for the company for him or her and the additional responsible as you love doing for him in her the company now and you wanna point out very nicely. The list of what has changed in the job and how happy are for the responsibilities. But you'd like to be compensated for it. That's reasonable only a crazy boss would look scans at that. So that's one walk in with your list of new responsibilities if you wanna get a raise number to make an appointment with the boss. I'm a boss. I hate when people spring anything on me. I'm sorry to ask you. But right now. I'd like to ask you about a raise. I'm like no right away. Okay no give them a warning shot when you said you boss can beat you next friday. Some time i'd like to discuss my position at the company. They know what you come in after but give them some breathing room so they can prepare themselves. It's a human thing to do to make somebody be more happy to see you. That's what you do so ask for an appointment in advance next. You should go in knowing what you worth. Take your job responsibilities and title and go online and see what other companies are paying. You might find that. You were hired as an assistant bookkeeper in. You're being paid fifty five thousand dollars when you started and now you're able to be the full keeper and maybe market is paying one hundred thousand. You don't know but get out there. A lease look online and seeing what other companies are paying for your position. You should have a numbering your head knowing what the competition is paying. It's good for you to know what you're worth so find that out online. It's so easy to check and next don't expect an instant answer from her boss. You don't want to end the meeting as close as saying. So what do you say would you say. Am i going to get raised. No no boss wants to have a gun to the head say so. Can you give some thought. And can we meet again next week. That's the gracious way. And of course you can do that way. Because i could hearing your voice hannah. You're so lovely that you're not gonna be threatening to anybody and then make sure you say how much of a raise you would like. I'd like you to consider giving me a twenty thousand dollar raise a five thousand dollar raise a ten percent raise but always ask for more than you want and the reason for that is negotiation and a boss. Never gives you what you want. They usually went. Give you a little less as they feel like they got themselves a good deal so make sure you ask for the amount that you want and make it a little higher than you really think you want. Hey and then go back the next week if it happens that you don't get the raise after that kind of preparation then you have the right to say. Can i visit you in three months. And what else do i have to do to merit. Raise get a job order. What else do i have to do to get race. Put the boss on the spot fusing you merited. They're not giving it to you. As some how you could prove that you are deserving of arrays and. Don't leave the office on the second visit without getting an answer to that question. It's only fair play. It's not asking a lot okay. Hannah just makes she go growling at mirror for about a half hour before you go into the to the boss's office because you are so nice i could pick us thinking you're being a killer when you might be looking like a puppy dog so our practice being aggressive put a leash on your that'll help you get in the right frame of frame of mind because you so nice. Hello this is barbara barbara ryan from scottsdale arizona. Big fan love you to death. But my question is What do you think about real estate investing Currently with what's going on in the world today and what strategies would you start with if you were to start over right now. Thanks so much. The best a couple of thoughts come to my mind ryan maybe not in this order but let me just get it out there. A number one in today's environment super competitive. I didn't care unless you're in the office market. That's competitive right now because this suffering because of the change that the pandemic has made to the commercial landscape. But i'm gonna assume you mean residential beset onerous. Somehow i think you mean residential saw answer from that perspective okay. realized that that market is so super competitive Properties flying off the shelf. It's very hard to bid competitively for an investment property right now because everybody else's assay. So are you competitive by nature. I would say that would be number one. If you're not competitive by nature. Maybe should be doing something else because it's going to take a competitive person to make money in this kind of a market. That's number one number to be aware of what side of the equation. You should be on. This is my theory. People who invest in real estate. I invest in real estate. Okay i love real estate's a slow way to get very rich in my book. I like it better than any other kind of investment. I trusted gay. But there's two sides investing in real estate one side. Is your the money guy. You got a lot of money and you want invest in real estate or do the other side. You got a lot of knowledge and you know something.

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