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Top ranks brandon as any fighter. You could imagine so it's it's baffling to me that they've gone about it in this way i guess is the best way i can put it. the kid the bottom line is the kid took short money. I'm not crapping on one point. Two five million dollars is a lot of money but it was short money to fight arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the sport he took that risk he won the fight and now he expects to be compensated appropriately and they're refusing to do it. I do agree that jorge campos campos is not a high profile opponents. it's a mandatory. But if he's going to remain at one hundred and thirty five pounds it's a mandatory for the f that he has to get out of the way so he has to fight him. The one thing. I will say though chris if he if his plan is to move up to one hundred and forty pounds and he doesn't think that he can remain at the lightweight limit for much longer. And he's not going to get the fights against devon haney devante davis ryan garcia the fights at lightweight that people want to see then i could see the other side of it being well. Then why are you fighting at one hundred thirty five pounds and a mandatory fight anyway t a female thinks that he can continue making it for another fighter to and maybe he wants to see if he can really get one of those guys in the ring but if ultimately he winds up moving up to one forty after this fight it turned out great financially for him. But what was the point of it. All yeah you. I mean hindsight you could say you know. Why are we going through these motions if it's just a mandatory. Why don't you just move on to a different vital. The cfe will turn around be like i'm cashing a big fat check. Thanks to My friends my new friends over at thriller..

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