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My set up a word on a focus the next yea and my word and focus next year is braveheart design is fighting and as various plans and goals into that. There's more work i want to do with. It's who you know. I will be developing a public online program associated with it. I am expanding the ip at the moment because to me the next level of this is how do you Take this concept and bring it across the managing clients again. It's something i do. Naturally i look at my clients. I've had for many years. I have built by four people within those clients how we use it internally to breakdown sign said the load of work yet. Still haven't finished. I'm not done at all with this. It's who you know concept and it's about going bigger braver and boulder and taking aunts that global platform next. She's next big one to me In terms expanding the ip that i've got and increasing the going to met this fantastic get little little tear in my eye thinking about. That is just the concept of consciously and deliberately creating organizations where people are out for each other and supporting each other. That has that will have a huge ripple effect of positivity around the world. So thank you so much for you and for the work that you're bringing to the world and your energy so enthusiasts so infectious and it's very uplifting so thank you so much for sharing. Janine you've been amazing my absolute pleasure thank you..

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