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Well, as you move up the ladder, there's a good chance you make more money in supply chain, yes or no crew? Yes. Okay. But when you're seventy five years old. And you're looking back on your life. Are you going to regret that? You never went after serving people in the way that you want to serve them? Yeah. I mean, I think I'd be leaving quite a bit on the table at that writ. Yeah. So I think it's pretty obvious. Yeah, you need to do what it takes to make the move. I did it, Chris. I'm not the right guy to call if you're looking for the safe answer because I walked away. I walked away and took a steady pay-cut for about three or four years to pursue broadcasting, and I had no training. Now in my particular world, I didn't have to have a college degree for you to do physical therapy and nursing. You're going to have to have a level of a degree in and so either that's just part of it. But how old are you? Chris. Twenty-eight. You're twenty eight years old. Let's just can we play out a plan real quick. You cool with that. Now, let's put that down. All right. Financially. Do you have any debt. Like thousand bucks in credit card and mortgage. All right. So you can knock out that thousand dollar credit card within the next thirty days. If you truly chose to correct. Yup, absolutely. Okay. Knock it out. Just kill it. And if you don't, if you're not following Dave Ramsey and I'm assuming you are the tell you heard about us. Correct. We've we've gone through the all right. So you know what to do. So you're free. Dave considers, you know mortgage, that's fine. If you can knock out the mortgage fine, but you don't need to do that right now at twenty eight. I want you to walk out days baby steps. You've done FPU. So you knock out that that credit card and now you're focused on baby step three and you get that three to six months expenses full. That account needs to be bulging. I'd like to see it be six months to a year, but six months is fine. Didn't keep walking out the baby steps. So here's what's going on here. Making good money right now, you know what to do. So for you, you're also saving for medical school so that you can cash flow your way through that. That's fine to do that while you're because you're going to be debt free and you got to say you're going to cash flow your way through nursing school or PT school. And this current role is your platform to do all of it. I think of it as almost like a crane. Yeah, it is a great opportunity for you. You've not wasting any of your time because this thing is going to fund you getting where you want to go. And so you've got to figure out what you're going to have to sacrifice. So what is your financial costs for nursing? Her PT school. And then based on your full time job and wife and family and all that, how how much time can you devote to it? So you're looking at your cost of money and cost of time. And then once you run those two, then you're going to put a calendar to that and go, right. I think within the next three years I can get through or four years, it's going to take me to get through, and then I'm ready to go and step in to this new career. But I mean, it's all right there for you, Chris, you've got it. This is just putting a calendar together based on how much time it's going to take and how much money it's going to cost you and your wife get through that. Get on the same page plan for it and start walking through it yet. I think I needed to get that piece in the puzzle. They're just mapping out over the course of years as opposed to just, you know, taking taking this step and flipping the switch right away. But Bill that Dacian so I could cash if you were in a financial position to be able to walk away, then I would say, walk away and start nursery school fulltime you're not there..

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