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On your home of the orange and black KNBR, 1045 and 68, these sports leader. Giants baseball on the radio. After getting rained out last night, the Giants and Rockies will play a double header to seven innings. Official games. I'm John Miller with Gabe Kapler, the Giants manager and the cap first off the Giants with a double header. Add a roster player teams can add a 27th player to the roster. Who have the Giants decided to add. We've added Connor Menezes are 27 John. We did that. Because, as you know, of course, feel can be a little bit tricky. And every once in a while, you get a short start. By one of your starters, and you have to cover a bunch of endings with your bullpen, given the fact that we have a double header and that we're gonna have to cover at least 14, maybe more on given the fact that sometimes things can get a little sideways here in Colorado, we felt like some length of a picture that could cover some innings for us. Made a lot of sense and Carmen eyes is stretched out. And you can. You can go three plus for us, and it's just really nice to have that luxury. All right, So now you have Mike talk Hman in the leadoff spot in the lineup. How did what was your thinking in terms of putting him there? Well, I don't want to discount the gap or the the void that losing Tommy lost Ella. Creates right way had a bona fide leadoff hitter, a guy who walked up to the plate and kind of depend on 45 pitches, probably not leadoff spot. Not every time, but It just felt like a pretty good bet, And he was going to see what the picture had been foul. Awesome pitches, maybe work, walk and get on base in front of guys like Belgium, Posey and Dickerson and And Longoria so way wanted to try to replace that might talk Man doesn't really nice job of seeing pitches. He always has Hagen also and those that bath with a little bit of thunder, but we saw in San Diego with that three run home run. We kind of considered both belt and talking for that that spot. I just like talking it up there at the top and see what it looks like today. No, you mentioned Lost Ella and he's been placed on the injured list with the hamstring strain. How long is he likely to be out? If this is about 4 to 6 week injury? That's generally the case with Moderate hamstring strain. Any time you get the soft tissue injuries, it's truck. It's difficult to predict with a lot of certainty and like it's 100% clarity. But that's my guests right now, something that discussed with Dave freshener. That's where we came out. You've got Aaron Sanchez and Alex Wood is your two starters for the doubleheader. You like to go with Sanchez in Game one, and you could have gone either way. What was the thinking in terms of Which one goes in which game? Yeah, I think we have a tendency. Tomov think these things strategically Well, we have to guard good starting pitchers, and Sanchez would both of them have had a lot of early states success. Touch base with Sanchez and Wood. They're both comfortable with sand. She going one and Woody going game to kind of get Sanchez get advantage of knowing exactly what the start time is gonna be. Paired him up with Buster so that Buster could be ready to go for us and have a little bit more recovery. Tomorrow's game and consolidate will catch into with with Alex wouldn't feel like that's a good plan. Giants and Rocky's doubleheader.

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