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You know I have. I'm GonNa Send Me. Book covers omits the NFL for giving us these traits. Jesus Christ right Tom. Brady's it's not a Patriot that's hilarious. I love that even be getting Tom. Brady is the funniest thing because Davis go into hate from. Oh Yeah I listened to radio claim this year. Anyway they have the most chance to play fucking wondering Scott. I don't know September but I feel like that might not even happen. What are you back? Your tweet was accurate hubs or was like this is what it was like this. Exactly the headline you'd see at the end of the world would be targeted watching any movie in the future where things are going crazy. And you'd see a random news story and the bottom line like I think. I am legend in something about shack. If I remember correctly but it would just be like Tom Brady. Sounds the bucks. It's like all right. Well this movie just makes no sense. Now I'm not GonNa Realistic. Yeah and we're living in. That played here It makes no sense you know. The Patriots Dynasty is officially over. That's assigned the world depending. I mean. Brady's a bucket near one. I when I saw the news I dislike pictured myself Jameis Winston having those like Oldman glasses on from his laser guided surgery and like if finally starting to work and he starts to read. Twitter's like what the fuck on them. Yeah it's like why Stephen J also it was. Like a borderline muscle periscope the. Nfl season cannot come soon enough. Well at Corona virus like the way he backtracked in real time or the very serious issue but that was that was incredible. That's tough But yeah I mean really I just did. This has been the single longest which only Wednesday right. Today's Wednesday Newshour. Weekend's don't even matter anymore. Weekdays all right but the seer the.

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