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Still hurts and also the pain us you. I mean I don't know if you've ever lost some in any bit. Definitely that pain sticks and that's how you endure Yuccas. I remember my first because it was my first year in track and Infield Dry. I qualified for the room combines. Oh yeah and that's a big. That's a big thing. I mean being a rookie. They're competing against you know all the Yes yes athletes from around the route around the Philippines and these twelve others from the provinces out of there yeah so I remember I think my heat I played something like third or fourth which really win when that happened that was like okay. I know him you with this but next year I want want better better not even better I mean what would it be at the podium yes right so the following year broke the record in the bull her her for it's hard whatever can fucking stick to fucking thing on the ground and be a few feet in the air and make it through. It's good anyway. Jealousy could make an Olympic comeback now. Let's push further into how you did your media job in how word but that after the Rake Hay ostler's. Let's take a quick break from the episode to talk about a big mistake. I did early in my own hustle so started founder and that's going all in on my startup without having any other source of income you might see that's weird because we talk about going all in a lot in this podcast but allow me to tell you what exactly happened to me early. On backing my first startup called party foul. I resigned from my day job thinking that I'm GonNa get funded when I started winning pitching competitions because I thought I was going to get funded very soon but the reality is took me three years to get funded very broke during that time just because I wanted to go all in I didn't take any side hustle and the bad thing it was. I was dependent on my startup for my survival glaus trying to grow so I ended up getting a lot of bad deals because I was desperate so in my next startup the Chat Bot age. I made sure that I'm not GonNa make the same mistake so I got into the art of freelancing making enough money on the side to make ends meet but allowed my sort of flourish and get acquired it just twelve months after put it up but that wouldn't happen if I didn't get paid on time and there's one product that I relied on heavily to get paid easily and it's pay anywhere from a lot of hassle because it's the fastest way to get paid especially if you're doing freelancing and a cool thing about it is that it goes straight to your bank account so so you don't have to worry about your money getting stuck in wallet somewhere so whether you're freelancer ecommerce seller digital marketer or any hustler requires speed of payment. I highly we recommend the speed here to get your money so register now at European your dot com or download the pioneer APP on the APP store or we will all right. Let's get back to the show.

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