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Jason ends up at the university of Cincinnati, he walks on, he switches to offensive line, Travis is back playing quarterback in high school, a Cleveland heights, but he's not really being recruited heavily at all. What does Jason decide to do? Jason decided to kind of lobby his coaches at Cincinnati and say, hey, you guys need to take a look at my brother. And I remember Travis saying that he would often go visit Jason on campus and it really wasn't until he was there in person and the coaches saw him in person. We're like, who is that dude? Who's that big guy? I kind of pushed it a little bit. I'm like, you know, why are we offering my brother? I think once they saw him, they realized, you know, how big he was, his athleticism and everything. That's when they really started to recruit him. Once they kind of saw him in person and married that to the tape that they were seeing, that's when they offered Travis a scholarship to come play for the bearcats. So in 2009, Lisa, Travis and Jason are finally playing together on the same football team. Travis is this wildcat quarterback for the bearcats and Jason is his center. So he's literally snapping the ball to his little brother. The dream it would seem is finally realized. How did their debut together go? It was the first game the two had ever played together and Jason snaps the ball to Travis and Travis who's the wildcat quarterback scored the touchdown. Kelsey stays in a quarterback again, it's a keeper. At the goal line touchdown Cincinnati. They're thinking the sky is the limit. I know Travis was certainly thinking the sky's the limit. I was having the time of my life playing quarterback in college with my brother. I'm running right behind his big behind. Travis told me he was thinking that he was going to end up, you know, in the Heisman conversation that they might possibly down the road when a national championship, their time had finally come. The time for the Kelsey brothers to light up the field together. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. For whatever reason, whether it was the scheme or just because Travis was so young, he didn't get much playing time after that. But the team did end up going to a bowl game that year and it was in New Orleans and Travis decided to live it up a little bit in New Orleans with some teammates. He was out in the streets partying. I was down there partying drinking, smoking, trying to enjoy life and doing things that I wasn't supposed to be doing. A couple days later, he was drug tested. That's what happens when you're in college. You could be randomly drug tested at any time. NCAA came with a drug test and my heart literally just went sunk right to the floor. He says, when he found out he was going to be drug tested, he knew what was going to happen next. A few days later, he got called into coach's office. And coach told him you tested positive for marijuana. And you are off the team. Son, you're off the team. I'm taking your scholarship, you'll never play a down of a football here at the university of Cincinnati again, that kind of

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