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Talking to, Reggie when you call then you might want, to call the, right number is obviously. Called the wrong number because Reggie's in there so again joining. Us this morning via the. Phone lines our good friend captain Dave Palmer Lou we'd like, to get, them. Right before he goes to? Bed so it's a good setup let's go to the phones here checking with a good friend Chris Johnson Chris how are you this morning Good morning Mike, I'm great, Dave. Nice to talk to you I just lost Dave it was my fault so it's just, you. And I, right. Now we'll get back in Exactly I just wanted to. Call into that kind of help compartmentalize, things again here the red tide of course that's, a salt water issue and this year. As in years past it appears to form, way offshore to the north and then it moved south and east and of course it's mostly impacting Lee county Sarasota Collier and just recently made it up analysis. That's a completely different issue than the fresh water algae that are coming out of. Lake Okeechobee into those. Rivers and of course the freshwater algae that could be coming out of our, stormwater ponds so we're. One thing the one. Thing that allegedly kill red tide is if it hit stretch water Oh really Yep Most things that are adapted to life in salt water will literally swell up and explode when they're exposed to freshwater because they can't get rid of that fresh water rushing into their bodies. Quickly so setup to live in salt, water which is more, concentrated so, okay Toby doesn't have anything to do with this red. Tide Correct as got, his, own. Problem of course of course I'm not saying Tobin's problem The It's been blown way out of, proportion but there's also a toxic algae in the mix coming out of local Jobe and it has the same toxin that the red. Algae the red tide has It's in tiny amounts been. Going back over this data for last few months, really there's one source that's putting out in newspapers and on TV news reports that he's, seeing hundreds of times the safe limit of that, particular. It's called a blue green algae in, his samples but I've gone through FDA Ps data and the one management district data where they're sampling both the Saint Lucie and the. Caluzu Hassi rivers etc And finally during the last week I'm starting to see that toxic. Blue-green. Algae coming out of lake Okeechobee over what the EPA considers to be the safe limit for that LG so we got a hold other. Problem coming in on our coasts from the east, coming out of lake Okeechobee which is a freshwater algae that's toxic nice but it's separate, from the offshore salt water red tide and you, remember Maybe four or five weeks ago you had that guy from motoring lab and you've had several. Other people always talk about oh hurricane hurricane hurricane stirs thing things up and that guy from marine lab just, offered an opinion hypothesis not. Science yet but, that there might be offshore deposits of, something for example. Imagine phosphate right In our ground why wouldn't, it be? Out there somewhere and if that periodically gets third. Up, way offshore, that, can be the. Reason we get. These red, tide. Blooms. But it's not coming from our fresh water driving. Fertilizers and cetera way offshore aware that blew the first star I. Gotcha all. Right, Chris you're, the best brother stay in touch with. Would you I. Really appreciate your your insight. Into this stuff we we really really really appreciate, it it's great stuff thank. You sir absolutely thanks, and please everybody consider Shaun Harper CCA member I'm we'll be out knocking doors in plant city for him today sounds good brother appreciates pal good stuff right, there, for sure, cap Dave Palmer Lou my. Guest here this morning we're going to talk to another Chris, and Riverview and, hopefully you as well on the other side we'll, be back, nine seventy WFL.

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