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You know I I feel like he's not a guy of watched defensively hell of a lot of I didn't watch Knicks basketball and you know he's been in and out in Dallas I was sort of impressed look I don't I don't think. I think they're gonNA win the you know the sort of Ben Wallace Rim Protection Award but. He gave him a lot and they have Cleveland Porzingas. Now, that's a pretty good rim protection duo. And by the way, which is very well for their future because we know they're going to be a top three offense well. Let's Say Dallas is a series which I think they will I had clip prison six, I think maybe five. Day are set up so well for the future minus the two picks up to the Knicks, which is a little bit. It takes a little bit of equip the the ammo of their trade quiver but they I believe they can trade a pick pretty soon, a future pick like a two years away future pick. But. They have to to stars and like you can quibble his star he's really good and he fits really well with their star. Star and their star star is on pace to be like not one of these Jimmy Butler Paul George he might be the tenth eleventh US player in the NBA top nine in a good season. He's on pace to be top three in the NBA very soon a perennial MVP Kennedy they have all these role players unlike crazy good contracts seth curry to law right who I think it'd be an important piece in this series and was last night. Finish Smith. Cleber, I'm even. On and on and on like they just have so much flexibility they're going to have cap space. They are very sneakily in position to become a real team to be feared for their one move away and everyone's going to say guidance if they get you on a slow like let's say that from the day it's an APP to be honest it could be at any top thirty player in the NBA. They are. They are in position to be really really dangerous for a really long time pending capeeze health. We'll, and you just said it I mean the beautiful thing about which is it doesn't have to be another. It doesn't have to be a super team what he does to elevate frankly mediocre NBA players to a level of. You know. Above decency. Is Alarming and by the way can I just say for and I'll have to say it every once in Awhile I grew up in Atlanta Hawks Fan. I'm just the agenda I just can't freaking under I mean. I'm saying no more Zach I'll say no more I just might. Want to see that traders a win Gina is good. It's not a win. It's now it's not your job the figure out who the generational superstar is right and I mean I get it and I understand was good. Poetry is good. Good he's not this now and people want to say well, Lucas just as bad defensively astray here's why he's not because he's six seven on A. rebalanced and he can switch onto lots of different people. trae young is like is like whatever it doesn't matter. I'm not wasting time on the high. Good luck in the Lottery Hawks Jamie Gerczew delight I interviewed you yesterday I hope and Jamie Kurtz wins the freaking lottery because she's a legend. I do to do my listeners who Jamie Gertz is does anyone under thirty Jamie Curtis because they well should and she is a delight and she is an actor and she is also married to the owner of the hawks. Which I guess makes her the owner of the hawks. I don't know how to navigate that I. Don't know. It's it's hard to know by the way. Are you too young squarepants. Square pegs. That is. A Sitcom for like twenty seconds on CBS like in the early eighties. It had Sarah Jessica, Parker and. Jamie Gertz. All right now did not did not not aware of it wasn't aware of it. Love Love Square becks. My only thought on this series is. You can you can see Colli starting to starting to solve some problems of his own and I think they're trying to run these like Reggie, Jackson collide Lou Williams pick and rolls to get him switched onto smalls in. Dallas is not giving him the switches they're hedging and trying to recover and Kuwait the weakness of his game. If there is one is like he's not a great playmaker on that situation where he's at the three point line and the floor is kind of in flux and there's no easy pass for him. He tends to reset and let Dallas reset the matchups. Now he started punishing it a little bit even when they didn't switch late in the game. CLEVELAND. Is trying hard. I just I haven't liked that assignment for him I think y looks incredibly explosive. He'd get a lot of separation from Cleveland anytime he wants in. A. Little bit more they'll dug into some better looks now Marcus Morris estimate threes they're not guarding Marcus Morris at all. The other thing is the beverly injury is I think we're talking about because you know it's more of these other guards that our our offense I ball dominant guards in Lou Williams is really could three times a year Reggie Jackson I could take leave but like beverly just a better fit I, think when when both of the stars are on the floor so as an example for the season. Lou Williams usage rate when. Both of those guys, Paul. George Choir off the floor thirty, four percent of clippers possessions when they're on the floor, both of them, it drops the eighteen percent, which is role player and like Lou Williams role player. It just doesn't have a lot of value Patrick Beverley role player has a ton of value. Right because. That's the thing with Williams is the less you lose them off to us him offensively, the less value has relative to his defensive liability and and also I. Just Love Beverly off the ball. I love it. He can initiate and be crafty. I. Liked it. He you know he's actually i. think a better passer than people realize. And obviously defensively mount look. Against Anschutz, it's tough. And he guards a bigger guard as well as any little guard, but it's still a little guard on a big. You know the clippers left a lot of money on the table even if the margins and you know like, for instance, they didn't convert transition yesterday like not like, I think they were. Be a little over a point per transition possession like okay. I mean I I think this is where if you WANNA play the much the shot quality game but you know is this a festering problems or is.

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