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That's how we feel about being a parent boy. Girl boy. Yeah, I have a 16 month. Old son. No training them. Are you look like roughing them up a little bit? Like wrestling with them. Like maybe like a The crazy thing is, you picked up on his own. Like I've, I've never gone to the gym to watch me train. I never once said, Jim, I watched me Spar do anything like that. And then like about two or three weeks ago, I came home from the gym and that's kind of dropped my gym bag by the front door. He took it upon himself, so I go in there and grab my boxing gloves, and he somehow knew how to put them on and come try to punch you with them. And I was just, like, they're just awesome. I already know the chicken, it's just wouldn't bother yourself. So it was pretty cool to see him like kind of gravitate towards that who has that are striking him. Our van asperen. So far him off his head with a little bit but so far is definitely after striking but then nice like. So the other guests only booked today aren't showing up it seems like but I actually like you the best so long so if I definitely not a roof eons. So want to come, that's great but if not bucket. So when the best fighters in UFC right now I mean usually you booked guys you just like kick kick dude in the balls out of birth. And we got it actually no no one thousand percent. So let's talk about some of the some of the stuff that's going on in anime. First of all this week, who do we like to we like Michael Chandler, or do we like Charles Oliveira been going on a bear on that. One of the guys on a break in 8 V industry right now and you are seeing and that's just not easy to come by so long. I just don't see Chandler, stepping up to the UFC and being able to take that away from at this point. No, well, I mean, I just like Chandler story. He seems like such a nice guy and you look like you have a soft heart. Neil. I thought you'd go with.

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